Turning Goa Into The Logistic Hub of India

Logistic Hub of India

Yes, you have heard it right. The former Union Minister for the Industries and, current Rajya Sabha MP, Suresh Prabhu stated that the central government is planning to turn Goa into a logistics hub of India that would increase employment opportunities without destroying the environment, Seriously? Lets take a look at it in this article…

The state of Goa is already fighting against the Goa turning into the Coal hub and the destruction of Goa’s forests and if the new development comes into the practice then you can consider its consequences. 

Earlier in October at the Confederation of Indian Industry, Mr Prabhu said that Goa has the potential to turn into a logistics and exports hub which would impact strongly on the economic activities of Goa. The state has all the requirements to turn into a logistics hub; major port, proper roads, rail network and international airport. 

“Goa’s strategic location makes the state ideal for a logistics hub,” he said in addition to, “In my opinion, Goa is the right place to have warehouses with logistical supports.” 

Agreeing to Prabhu, CM Dr. Pramod Sawant said, “We welcome all sectors especially the sectors of logistics and ship building which will help to increase employment in many areas. The fruitful deliberations at this conference will help us develop a road map for a multi-modal logistics hub which will definitely be a game changer for Goa.”

Prabhu assured that the state will see a rise in employment, tourism, job creation and economic activities and that small startups and MSMEs would also appear.

Mr Prabhu was speaking with the media reporters on Monday at Dabolim Airport, he said that the Government is planning on turning Goa into a logistics hub of India and that he would meet the CM Dr Pramod Sawant to about the same.

“Goa needs something ‘Green’ which will not damage the environment and at the same time the state needs something that can create jobs and a logistics hub has the potential to create employment without damaging the environment. I will request the Chief Minister to do that,” stated Prabhu.

He also mentioned, an NGO in the Konkan area has a large number of women self employed and the state would apply the same strategy. 

“We are planning to host the G-20 Summit in India in 2023, which will be the biggest event. Part of this event will be held in Goa and I will discuss this with the Chief Minister,” he further mentioned.

Prabhu has assured that he will discuss with the Chief Minister about how the State can turn into a logistics hub without harming the environment yet increasing employment.

Meanwhile the plan is still in its initial stage and it may time time to bring the same into the implementation. The work of infrastructure development is going in full swing and it wont be long when Goa will turn into commercial hub just like most of the developing cities in India and that may affect the tourism industry in the state. What are your views on this story? 

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