Trying to Impress His Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day A Suitor Landed in the Jail

The craze of Valentine’s day celebration is very high in our country. The guys do numerous crazy things to impress their girlfriends on this day. In one such incident, the guy landed in the jail while in the bargain to impress his girl by laminating his car with the Rs. 2000 currency notes. According to the sources, the boy in a wanted to impress his girl by gifting her a car decorated with the notes of Rs. 2000. But instead, due to his crazy act, he was landed in the jail.

People do hundreds of crazy things to impress their “GIRL” on the Valentine’s Day. From buying expensive gifts to planning a surprise for their girlfriend remains the part of their agenda on the 14th February. In such crazy attempt, the boy had finally landed in the jail. According to the information available from the reliable sources, A suitor landed in the jail while in the process of impressing his girlfriend by gifting her the car laminated with new 2000 rupees currency. The incident occurred in Mumbai on Valentine’s day on 14th February. While in the process of impressing his girl, the lover-boy was surprised by the police. 

According to the sources, to impress his girlfriend on Valentine’s day, the boy decorated his car with the new Rs. 2000 notes. He laminated the entire car with the new Rs. 2000 notes. According to the Hindi newspaper Amar Ujala, the moment boy came on the road with the decorated car of Rs. 2000 notes, not only the people but also the police started following him. Soon the police detained the boy along with his Car but they did not reveal his name in the media, said the sources.


In the investigation, the police were told by the boy that, he was in process of impressing his girlfriend by gifting him with the car laminated with new Rs. 2000 currency but according to him, he was unaware of the consequences of the same. According to the boy, his intention was only to impress his girlfriend and hence he came out with this idea, said the investigating police officer. 

It may be recalled that after the demonetization of the high-value currency had put the entire country into hibernation mode with virtually no existence of the cash flow in the marketplace. People were fighting for the single note while standing in the long queue and this guy came out on the road with car fully laminated car with the new Rs. 2000 currency. This behavior was an insult to hundreds of thousands of Indians who had done a lot of sacrifice for the country during the demonetization period.


According to the sources, doing such kind of thing was the insult of currency not in our country alone but for that matter, any other country would not permit such crazy behavior. There are several cases of writing on the currency and making the garland of the currency which is not permitted and the violators become liable for the punishment. According to the sources, one person had filed a petition in the High Court of Jabalpur regarding the sale of currency on the e-commerce websites. While replying to the petition the RBI said that selling of the currency on e-commerce portals and auctioning are not permissible but there is no such law to take action against such activities since it beyond their scope and powers unless the finance ministry want to intervene into this matter.


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