Who doesn’t know Goa’s well known social worker and the famous lawyer Advocate Aires Rodrigues? He is one of the few social workers whose main motto is to expose the wrong deeds of political personalities in the state. But this time something strange happened. The post he published on the social media platforms went against his favor and he was caught on the wrong foot for causing a damage to the modesty of a woman. The video footage (attached in the post) has gone viral on the youtube, which shows how he agreed that he had posted the image of a woman on the Facebook without having proper information about the same. The FIR has been filed by the victim woman in Panaji as well as Anjuna police station against Adv. Aires Rodrigues for alleged sexual harassment, defamation and outraging the modesty of a woman.

Advocate Aires is known for his social media buff in the state of Goa for being online almost 24X7 and flooding the social media with various messages mainly related to the corruption happening in the state. He had filed many cases against the highly placed people in the state and won many of them, and till date, no one had dared to take a ‘PANGA’ with him. But, this time it looks like the game went wrong and he was caught on the wrong foot by the victim lady whose image was made viral by him the social media for the alleged Sex scandal with the Fisheries Minister of Goa.

According to the report published on the Times of India, the FIR has been registered against the social activist and a lawyer Advocate Aires Rodrigues by a woman from Siolim constituency who said the accused generated posts on Facebook and WhatsApp regarding an alleged sex scandal involving a politician and also posted her pictures in a bid to link her to the scandal.

“Due to the series of sexually-coloured WhatsApp posts, the modesty of the complainant was outraged, and also due to the circulation of posts and photographs on social media, she was defamed,” the FIR said. The complaint is registered under Section 354 (A) (iv) ( the act of making sexually colored remarks), Section 509 (words, gestures or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) and Section 500 (defamation) of the IPC.

The report further states that the complaint is registered under Section 354 (A) (iv) ( an act of making sexually colored remarks), Section 509 (words, gestures or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) and Section 500 (defamation) of the IPC.

Tara Kerkar, convenor of Savera NGO in Goa, has decided to take the task of giving the justice to the victim woman, and she is also instrumental in filing the cases at Anjuna as well as Women’s police station in Panaji. She warned the accused about stringent action if he continues to defame the women in the state on social media. “I wonder why is he (Aires Rodrigues) defaming the woman he never met. Whatever he is doing, does not go with his profession of a lawyer. Earlier also he had tried to defame one lady PSI, and I had warned him at that time asking to stop defaming women. He had spoiled many lives for money. If he continues to defame women, I assure that we will take very strict action against him,” said Tara Kerkar while talking to InGoa News.

Meanwhile, she demanded an inquiry of all the people whose name Aires had uttered while he was confronted by the victim woman about the Facebook posting. “I demand an inquiry of all the people whose names Aires has revealed, we want to know if he is telling the truth or trying to give the fake information before the media. He needs to be brought to police station for an inquiry,” she added. The media sources also revealed that following the FIR filed by the victim lady, the accused lawyer is absconding, and police are trying to find out his whereabouts. What is your opinion on this case? Please take a look at the video clip before leaving your comments.



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