Transport Bandh receives partial response in Goa, Banks and Govt. offices open

Strike or “Bandh” is supposed to be the best weapon that a trade unions in India uses to bring the opposite party to their table. Today’s all India transporters strike against the Road Transport and Safety Bill was such one example. According to the available reports from all over the Goa “The bandh called by trade unions was partially successful in Goa as most of the commercial establishments, vegetable vendors and fish markets remained closed. Commercial vehicles including taxis and buses also remained off the road. But the governments run Kadamba buses were plying on the roads.

Except of few unwanted incidents of stone pelting which took place in some remote parts of Goa the overall strike was peaceful in nature. Superintendent of police North Goa Umesh Gaonkar and Shekhar Prabhudesai said that the overall traffic flow of private vehicles in the state was smooth, there were no major road blockages and state run Kadamba buses were plying on the road. More than 2500 police were deployed all over across the state to avoid any serious incidents during the bandh.

Except for some prominent schools in Goa rest were remained closed for the day due to the non availability of the public transport. All the banks, government offices and the state run corporations were functioning with the full strength during the bandh. The state government had also invoked the Essential Services Management Act to make sure that all key services are functioning smoothly.

The overall scene was giving the deserted look to the entire city, places like bus stand, fish markets and vegetable markets were functioning with very limited capacity in all the major towns in Goa except that of Mapusa market which had complete deserted look with no one around. People apparently preferred to stay back home and relax by taking the benefit of the circumstances. Though the sources claims that there was no forceful bandh but the anticipation of something unwanted may take place in these kinds of ambience, general public prefers to stay away from the scenario.


In one of the case, workers from Verna industrial workers took the strike more seriously by coming on the road and shouting the slogans against the bill of Road Transport and Safety passed by the centre. Later they self arrested themselves to give the solidarity to the strike. Around 130 workers had been arrested by Goa Police under section 151 of preventive measures.

The strikes do not benefit anybody and in fact it brings more problems in the way of poor people who survives on daily wages. Although that kind of population is very less in Goa and major chunk of them are migrants who works on daily wages to feel their bellies. Basically who benefits from this? Industrial workers? Daily wager? Nobody, in fact most of them also lose their days pay. One day’s work is a huge amount for the bigger companies which lead to bring the production down and reducing the returns of the dividends. It is very easy to say just the matter of one day but that matters a lot for many. In first place why this strike was initiated? We will be coming back to you on this very soon, keep watching this space for more updates. Please do leave your comments and suggestions.

Here are some Images of strike day

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Source: Various Sources

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