Tragic Accident on Mumbai Goa Highway, Seven Mumbai Youth Die on their Way to Goa

A group of eight friends were on their way to Goa for the social cause trip died in a tragic accident that occurred to their vehicle on old Mumbai-Goa highway at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. According to the sources, total eight people were traveling in the Xylo car that met with an accident, seven died on the spot and one is said to be critically injured and being admitted to the private hospital at Ratnagiri. According to the sources, The Impact was so high that all the seven youth were brought dead to the nearby hospital.

Based on the information available from the reliable sources, a group of eight friends from Vile Parle and Maland in Mumbai was on their way to Goa on a social cause trip. All the eight youth belongs to a social group called “Lakshya” and their social group is involved in the various social activities on a regular basis. The reason behind their trip to Goa is supposed to be for the similar cause, said the sources.

According to the sources, all the eight friends left for Goa on a Tuesday night in the Xylo SUV car. On Wednesday morning their car reached at Khanu in Ratnagiri. According to the reports, the driver was driving in a rash and negligent manner lost the control over the vehicle and rammed into the tree by the side of the road. The impact was so severe that all the occupants of the Xylo car except for the one were crushed to death on the spot.

When the villagers came to their rescue and removed the bodies of the youth from the ill-fated car, one youth was breathing and they immediately shifted him to the nearby private hospital in a critically injured condition. The rest all seven were pronounced brought dead to the hospital, said the sources.

The seven youth who lost their lives in this tragic accident belongs to the Shivaji Nagar area in Vile Parle and Malad. The names of the deceased given as Prashant Gurav (31), Sachin Sawant (31), Mayur Belnekar (28), Kedar Todkar (26), Akshay Kelkar (24), Nihal Kotiyan (22), Vaibhav Manve (32) and Abhishek Kambli (23). All of them were the part of a social group called “Lakshya” said the sources. 


The accident said to have occurred at around 8 am this morning at Ratnagiri, in Maharashtra. It is not yet known if the driver or the other occupants of the car were under the influence of the liquor when the accident took place. According to the sources, their group Lakshya was regularly involved in the social activities and their trip to Goa was also meant for the same cause. The name of the lone survivor of this tragic accident is Abhishek and he is in critical condition at present, said the sources.

The Xylo they were traveling belongs to Maharashtra registration. Vehicle Number is MH 06 – AS 6291. All the friends were supposed to spent the weekend in Goa and had plans of returning back to Mumbai on Sunday, said the sources. The major reason behind most of the accident is Rash and Negligent driving. All the valuable lives have gone waste due to one small mistake in this case. Instead of blaming the roads and the government system, that may seldom change, it is better to change ourselves and drive safely.   


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