Tourists Are Crowding Outside Casinos As If It Is Carnival Time – Says BJP Legislature

Crowd Outside the Offshore Casinos
Crowd Outside the Offshore Casinos (Image Credits : TOI)

The Panaji MLA and BJP Legislature Babush Monseratte on Monday linked the crowd outside offshore casinos to the carnival parade mob saying these people have come to have fun here but they have to make sure that it does not affect the local Goans.   

The Casinos are in limelight in Goa following the overcrowding of customers outside the offshore casino offices in Panaji city. The cases of Covid infection reported inside the casinos have also become an issue of concern for the Goan people.    

The BJP Legislature expressed discontent towards the tourists for lack of social distancing and not wearing masks in public places. he also expressed his discontent on the offshore Casinos for not observing the SOPs laid down by the State Government.  

Speaking with the media reporters Mr. Monseratte had expressed his concern about the increasing number of Covid-19 cases traced to Goa’s offshore casinos. 

He urged the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane to direct his officials to conduct an inspection to see whether SOPs are being followed in the offshore casinos of Goa.

“They (tourists) come here to have fun, but Goans should not be infected by Covid-19 because of this. I will be speaking to the Chief Minister and the Health Minister to see what can be done to check if SOPs are being followed,” Monseratte said, commenting on the large unruly crowds outside the six offshore casinos operating in the Mandovi river off Panaji.

“No one is wearing masks. It is like a carnival. Goans may end up paying dearly for this. Maharashtra has even made testing compulsory for Goans. But here, it is free for all. According to the guidelines, they cannot allow operations like this,” Monserrate said.

Carnival is a popular Catholic event that marks the beginning of the holy lent season. On Monday, after photos of thousands of tourists milling on beaches and outside casinos without masks and in violation of the social distancing norms, were published in the local media, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had announced an increase in the penalty for not wearing masks from Rs 100 to Rs 200.

(with the Inputs from IANS) 

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