Three Tourists Including a Police Constable Drown in Calangute, Two More suspected to have Gone Missing 

A group of Domestic tourists from Maharashtra faces a catastrophic monsoon trip with five of them being swept away by the choppy waters of the Arabian Sea, as per the sources from the Calangute police station. According to these sources, a group of involving 18 tourists were precisely warned to avoid entry near the choppy waters, yet, despite the caution, the 18 ventured in the sea resulting in death. “Three of them were drowned instantly and two went missing”, said the Calangute PI Jivba Dalvi. 

Drowning at the beach belts of Goa is not the first case of all times. Tourists from the neighboring states come to Goa to have luxurious time but exceed the fun limits resulting in tragic accidents. 

According to the reports published in the India Dot Com, three tourists from Maharashtra, including a Cop were drowned at Calangute beach water in North Goa in the wee hours of Monday. The reports further state that while three have drowned, two have gone missing. 

Sources from The Calangute police station have informed that a group of 14 tourists from Akola arrived in Goa on Monday by train at around 4 AM. The police further stated that upon their arrival at Calangute the group members entered the water to swim even after very specific signs put up along the shoreline. The sign boards clearly advised people against swimming in tempestuous waters.


Five among the 14 swept away in the strong undercurrents where three people drowned abruptly. The other two somehow managed to swim ashore. The local people later pulled the corpses out of the water. They were declared brought dead at the hospital, as per Calangute PI Jivba Dalvi.    

The deceased were identified as Pritesh Lankeshwar Nanda Gawli (32), his brother Chetan Lankeshwar Nanda Gawli (27) and Ujwal Vakode, who was also part of the group, Dalvi said.

Another report published in NDTV says that one of the tourists named Pritesh Gawli was serving as a police countable in the Maharashtra police force. The sources have revealed that the bodies of the deceased will be handed over to their family after completing the due formalities.     

The reports further state that the government of Goa issued an advisory had last month asking tourists to refrain from swimming in sea waters for four months, starting from June 1. The state government shut down beaches for swimming and other water sports activities during the monsoon from June to August every year as a precautionary step. This includes a 61-day fishing ban that started from June 1 and ends on July 31. A firm appointed by the Goa government to provide lifeguards at beaches, recently said that red flags will be put up at beaches in the state. This will warn people about dangers of wading or swimming in the sea during monsoon. 

The following case comes up after the recent incident of a family from Mumbai among which five members were drowned at the Ratnagiri (Konkan Belt) in the similar circumstances. These issues only display the irresponsible nature of the tourists who do not seem to care about the consequences. 


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