Goa Police finally managed to crack down the Dhargal double murder mystery within the time frame of one week. They have arrested three accused in this connection out which the main accused is the ex-employee of the Reginaldo and rest two are the local workers involved into this crime. This is the perfect example of murder committed out of revenge. Police managed to trace the culprit out from the interrogation of more than 16 workers after the incident of murder on September 16. The motive behind the murder was said to be the revenge as revealed by the main accused that had to undergo the imprisonment on the complaint of the deceased Reginado couple few years ago and he was released two months back.


According to the report the police managed to arrest the main accused Anil Zate, 26, native of Buldhana in Maharashtra on early morning of Thursday around 2.30 am along with two locals, co-accused, Anant Veer, 32 and Rajesh Veer, 25 from Dhargal. According to the sources Anil was the ex-employee of the couple who used to work there along with his wife, it was back then in 2013, when Anil had apparently stolen gold ornaments from the couple’s house and police complaint was lodged accordingly by the Reginald couple, he was later arrested and sentenced to jail to undergo the imprisonment. Recently on July 3rd 2015 he was released from the jail after completing his term.

The sources said that Anil was burning in rage of revenge and had made the plans to take vengeance on this couple while in the jail, although police also investigating the angle if murder was plotted in the jail.  Police managed to reach to the culprits based on the information provided by one of the relatives of deceased couple, according to which Jessy had sent message to them a message in which she had mentioned that if something happens to both of them then Anil Zate should be held responsible.

According to the sources, Anil had sent his wife back to their native place two months back. The weapon “Koyta” used in the crime was purchased by the accused in Banda, Maharashtra. The two accused has claimed that Anil had promised them the cash and gold jewelry towards the reward of their help. Anil being the ex-worker knew everything about the place and their insight, he knew that the couple had two well-grown dogs which would be the hurdle in his plan and hence he made arrangement of the chicken from the market of Siolim and had fed the dogs before committing the crime.

Based on the narration of the main accused, they went at the house of deceased on that fateful day and managed to take control of the dogs by feeding them and subsequently the rang the doorbell, which was answered by the Jessy, who came to open the door. Anil immediately attacked her by hitting with the Koyta on her shoulder and finally on her head which resulted in her instants death and following to this he attacked the Reginald who was fixed on the wheelchair after his paralysis attack. The case was cracked by the team of police personnel which includes, Pernem PI, Devendra Gad, Mapusa PI Tushar Lotlikar and Anjuna PI Paresh Naik under the guidance of DySP Mahesh Gaonkar and SP North Umesh Gaonkar. The case was registered by the Pernem police under the sections 449 and 302 of IPC.

The Murder was well-planned prior to its execution, but it was resulted out of the revenge, which was sensed by the Jessy and hence she sent the message to her relatives, but if she had revealed that fear in front of police then this incident could have been avoided? Or maybe they would have exercised the caution after the release of the Anil Zate from the jail by getting some sort of security around them? This could be the lesson for the other to learn from it. Please do not forget to leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.

Please Watch the Video Here (Courtesy: IN Goa News)

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/H1HQy8R_52g”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrJhqxYRJBU&channel=ChennaiExp2013 [/su_youtube]

Source: Various Sources

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