Those Violating Social Distancing and Not Wearing Masks May go to jail, says Goa CM

Dr Pramod Sawant on masks

CM Pramod Sawant came crashing on those violating the social distancing norms and not wearing the masks in public places saying that they may have to go to jail.

With the Covid-19 cases are rising in the state and now that there is a community transmission the chief minister has finally decided to take strict action against those not following the SOPs.

According to the reports, Chief minister, Pramod Sawant on Sunday warned people moving around in public without masks and not maintaining social distancing norms and said there was a need to put violators behind bars for at least a day.

Mr Sawant said that despite imposing the fines for not wearing the masks in public places people still did not understand the seriousness of pandemic and keeps moving around freely without the masks.   


“I still don’t understand why people are not following these instructions. We may have to use the Disaster Management Act and State Epidemic Act to put violators behind bars for a day if needed,” he said.

CM Sawant who is also the home minister said that he has already instructed the police to take strict action against the people who do not follow the social distancing norms and move around in public places without wearing the masks. 

Meanwhile, CM has ruled out the possibility of another lockdown despite community transmission in the state.     

“How long can the government have restrictions? The (earlier) lockdown was imposed to create awareness and ready infrastructure to fight Covid-19… People should use masks, sanitisers, and maintain social distancing,” he said.

Mr Sawant was speaking at a function at in Mapusa that has developed six positive cases and he also said that if required Mapusa will be declared as containment zone to avoid further spread of the virus.    

He also advised people to take care of themselves and their families. He said people should avoid visiting their family members who live elsewhere, to avoid the spread of the disease.

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