The Wife of Transport Department’s Employee, is held for Identity Theft

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This is a very strange case where the wife of employee of the transport department is detained by the police for the crime of identity theft. Goa Cyber Crime Police on Monday arrested 28 year old women on the charges of identity theft and later released on the bail. According to police the accused allegedly misused the official email ID of an Assistant Director of Transport to send the emails to other officers at the zonal office (RTO) accusing the senior transport department officers of corruption and illegal activities carried out by them.

There could be several angles to this story but one of the one that police interpreting is the angle of misleading the law, according to police the act of accused could be done under the guidance of her husband who is also apparently working at transport department at Panaji, “The motive could be a grudge or frustration and is being verified,” informed a police source. The police have not disclosed the name of the accused lady who is working at the private sector.

The crime came into the light when the Assistant Director of Transport Uday Gauns lodged the complaint with Panaji police claiming that his official email account was hacked and an email accusing the director of transport as well as other subordinate staffs indulging into corrupt activities was sent to officers at the RTO office alleging their involvement into the corrupt activities. The incident was reported last month on 26th May but the complaint was lodged with the police recently.

In the police investigation it was cleared that the email account was not hacked by anybody as the genuine login ID and Password was used to access the account, and police is sure that the same was given to the accused by her husband who is working in the same department. The cyber crime cell of the Goa police played a crucial role in this investigation; they have tracked the accused after obtaining the data from ISP (Inrernet Service Provider) and other agencies. After the confirmation of the facts the accused was booked under the section 66-C of IT Act for identity theft. Police arrested the accused and subsequently released on bail while attaching the mobile phone used to send the mail through the official ID of the complainant.


The only issue was haunting the police was how the lady or her husband managed to get the password to access the email account of the Asst. Director, but during the course of investigation it came to light that official Email ID and Password details were stored on the computer of the transport department office, this made the doubt of the police clear, it was the husband of the accused who manage to steal the password from the computer and passed on to his wife, who finally made the use of email account to send the emails to the senior officers and others.

The police is investigating further into the case to make sure that all the angles they are guessing are close the reality of something they are still missing out on.

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