The story of Meherdad Mazehari: A specialist with a vision

Dr. Meherdad Mazehari – the name today is synonymous with painless, no-cut or flapless LASIK surgery for vision correction. The M LASIK Center at Dallas, that he founded, offers this service to numerous citizens from Richardson, Dallas and Ohio.

His years of extensive research in the field of LASIK surgery and commitment to deliver quality care, has made him a true leader in the field of vision correction. Having completed his medical degree from East Virginia Medical School, Dr. Mazehari chose to pursue Ophthalmology as his specialization.

His interest in eye surgery was probably an outcome of his own incorrect vision of 20/400. Training under pioneer refractive surgeon Dr. Steven Slade at the John Hopkins Medical Center, Dr. Mazehari continued to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to perform simple to complicated eye surgeries. But he did not stop at just acquiring basic skills.

For the next decade or so, Dr. Mazehari continued to research on how to make LASIK surgery pain-free, risk-free, personalized, and more comfortable for his patients. He even experimented on himself using the no-cut surgery or Advanced PRK to correct his vision, but it was his philosophy of providing the highest quality of care to patients who enter his office that led him to start and successfully run the M LASIK Center at Dallas.

Along with his research, he continues to treat patients with his own brand of personal high-quality care, empowering them with lens-free or specs-free eyes. Inspite of being incredibly busy with advanced research on no-cut LASIK surgery and running the M LASIK Center, Dr. Mazehari not only does every surgery himself, but has also devised his own brand of customized post-op medication for each patient.

Mr. Mazehari’s thorough research in the field of advanced LASIK surgery to implement the no-cut or flapless method has made him stand out in his right as one of the best Ophthalmologists in the United States. Using this method, Mr. Mazehari reduces the chances of post-op complications by 5.7% as opposed to flap surgeries.

His patients range from pilots to sportspersons to doctors themselves as well as their families who further provide referrals and numerous testimonials that themselves speak of the outstanding success of Dr Mazehari. Added to this are his commitment towards each of his patients, endless research in the pursuit of better technology, personal interest in the treatment of each of his patients and his mastery at the procedure, making him one of the most successful doctors of his time.

To put it simply, Dr. Mazehari is a true visionary in the field of no-cut LASIK vision correction.


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