The story of a rise and fall of the liquor baron Vijay Mallya

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You might have heard many stories of the flamboyant, Vijay Mallya, but there are many facts related to his personal and professional life that you might not have heard before. It is not the hidden fact anymore that lives of celebrities are an open book and anyone can read it. Although it is not necessary that all the stories you hear about a famous person is a complete truth. Many times it could be just rumors. The following facts that are made available here are based on the various sources but most of them are the real life facts of liquor baron Vijay Mallya.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The Indian version of Richard Branson, flamboyant Vijay Mallya this is exactly how he has been addressed by the media most of the times. Mallya was born with the silver spoon, but it does not mean that his journey of life was smooth enough all the way. This is the story of a king of good times and his rise and fall.

Vijay Mallya and His father Vittal Mallya
Vijay Mallya and His father Vittal Mallya

Vijay Mallya has spent his childhood more with his grandparents in Kolkata then with his father in Bangalore. Apparently his parents were separated in the early 60s and he was living with his mother in Kolkatta while his father continued to live with women in Bangalore who was already married and had two daughters from her earlier husband.

The sources claim that despite staying with his mother in Kolkatta Vijay (Mallya) was unhappy and always desired to be with his father in Bangalore, who would hardly pay a visit to them in Kolkatta. But the destiny has something else in a store for Vijay. Eventually, as Vijay grew up he realized how fruitful could he be for his father’s business.

The king of Good Times
The king of Good Times

According to Vijay, he never felt like being a part of his father’s second family that was living in Bangalore. Vijay’s father Vittal Mallya was a strict and authoritarian kind of person. Vijay rebelled against his needs and compulsions which he thought were not worthy enough worked for him later on in life. In one of the interview Vijay Mallya had revealed that his father would use to keep account of every single penny he spent and it was so much that when Vijay lost a 1 paisa coin, his father apparently made a note of it ‘Rs. 0.01 lost by Vijay. Here Vijay claimed that this made him learn the importance of record keeping in business.


While in Kolkatta Vijay used to travel in buses and trains and he says that he would never want his children to face the similar situation in their life since according to him the it is “unsafe” and at the same time, he claims that his daughters have had a  very simple upbringing.

Vijay has got the habit of overspending right from the beginning. Based on the incidents in his life his father Vital Mallya used to give him some pocket money which apparently never lasted for more than a week and this similar habit made him owe Rs. 9000 crore to various banks and financial institutions for which he is been chased by the bankers and judiciary in India.


In one of the interviews, Vijay had claimed that there was a time when he loved doing the normal stuff like a common man. He felt delighted when he took his kids for the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” in California. He claimed that he is also very superstitious. According to him, he believes in Rahu Kaal and Yaamakandam (inauspicious time of the day) and he would never like to do any important tasks on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

According to Vijay Mallya, the things that appeal him in women is her dignity, grace and femininity and the women that are too inviting and volunteer themselves in an extremely outgoing manner puts him off.  According to him, women should be little reserved and that is what makes him feel motivated to impress her.

Vijay Mallya has been married twice. According to the sources, his first wife Sameera Tyabjee was a flight attendant in Air India. Siddharth Mallya was born to Sameera with whom Vijay eventually got divorced and married to Rekha who was his next door neighbor in Bangalore. When Vijay married Rekha she was having two kids Laila and Kabir from her previous marriages. She had been married twice before, once to a coffee planter and second to Shahid Mahmood.


At the age of 28 after his father’s untimely demise Vijay took over the UB Group business empire as a chairman. He was unanimously chosen as a successor to his father. It was Vijay Mallya who transformed the UB Group ( a legacy of his father) into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. In his leadership, the United Breweries went to become the second largest liquor group in the world that had valued at 12 billion US dollars. The Kingfisher beer controlled the 50% share of India’s beer market and the only beer that is available in 52 countries across the globe.

According to the sources, Vijay Mallya has three kids. Siddharth Mallya, from Sameera, Tanya and Leanna Mallya from Rekha. Tanya Mallya is Vijay Mallya’s second daughter from Rekha who stays with her mother in San Francisco along with her sister Leanna who debuted at the ‘Bal de Debutantes’ and as a teen. Laila Mallya, Rekha Mallya daughter from her second marriage with Shahid Mahmood has been adopted by Vijay Mallya. She is an entrepreneur.

The sources have also revealed that Vijay Mallya had never been actively involved in the upbringing of his children. He hired nannies and kept his children with them while at the same time he claims that his kids are too dear to him.

According to the reports, Vijay Mallya still has the assets worth more than 7000 crores that include the shares in various companies and lot of fixed assets. The banks still have a hope on Mallya that if he decided to change his mind and pay back the bank loans from his assets.

Disclaimer: All the facts and figures used in this article are collected from the various sources and the author does not guarantee the authenticity of any of the facts that have mentioned herein, the readers are advised to use their own discretion.   [/su_expand]

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