The Shootout at St Cruz was an outcome of affection for a woman

Shootout at Santa Cruz
Shootout at Santa Cruz

Two people from opposite factions had an affection for one woman and sadly that became the reason for the shootout at Imran Bepari’s house in St Cruz which culminated into the death of one member of the attacker’s gang. By mistake they killing one of their own accomplices, said the senior police official.  

The incident of shootout at St Cruz shook the entire state and various conspiracy theories had been speculated since then, but in reality the story was something else and these criminals were fighting over a possession of one woman. 

According to the reports, The shootout in Santa Cruz in the wee hours of Saturday morning seems to have had its roots in rival gang members’ affection for one woman. 

The senior police official told the media that two men from different groups had their eye on the same woman, and regularly issued threats to each other before things went out of hand over the weekend. 

The Story goes like this, following the attack police rounded up around 10 members of the gang and the investigations began. During the investigation gang members revealed that one of the member of the Bepari gang had an eye on the same woman that was targeted by one of their own gang member. 

Reportedly, the gang asked the aid of Bepari to step away from the girl to which he did not approve and the matter became rough. The cold war between the two groups started since then.

According to the accused, the Imran Bepari faction, led by his brother, had earlier met the accused persons and had verbally sparred on the issue, an altercation that later spiralled into full-blown enmity. 

According to police reports, the accused does not belong to any one specific groups as such, but is a part of the multiple groups. based on the confession made by the accused, prior to attack, the groups traded barbs on video, sending these files over mobile apps.  

According to the North Goa SP Utkrish Prasoon, the police are searching for three more accused in the case. “The accused had used country-made gun from which six rounds were fired and the weapon is unlicensed. 

It may be recalled that one Sonu Yadav, resident of St Inez and native of Uttar Pradesh died of a gunshot in the chest while the gang went to attack the resident of Imran Bepari on Sunday.  

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