The Murder Mystery of 30-Year-Old Women from Curtorim Solved by Goa Police

Goa Police on Friday 7th June recovered a body of a 30-year-old lady from the jungle of Rivona in Sanguem Taluka. The police also recovered a handbag lying near the body of the deceased identified as Valencia Fernandes, resident of Curtorim. Initially, police suggested it to be a case of murder due to strangulation but could not manage to find any traces of the culprits.     

According to the report in the Times of India, The sniffer dog squad was pressed into service but no valid clues could be obtained. Police are baffled over how and why the woman had come to Rivona, answers to which could hold the key to crack the case.

The sources in the Goa police said that they received the complaint of missing of deceased girl when she failed to return home on Thursday after finishing her work in Margao. The sniffer dog squad was pressed into service but no traces of the accused could be obtained and that made police more suspicious as to why the woman came down to Rivona all the way from Margao and that helped police to track down the culprit within 24 hours of the crime. 

The body of a deceased found in Rivona Jungle (source: WhatsApp group)

According to the sources, Goa Police began their investigation following the missing complaint lodged by the parents of a deceased girl with Maina Curtorim police stating that she went missing since June 6 evening. The deceased girl was working in Margao.


The police investigation revealed the marks on the body of a deceased which suggested that she was dragged by the accused after the murder. Police traced the location of the girl through her mobile phone which was on, said the sources. But still, the accused could not be traced.

Following the traces of the evidence recovered by the police, an investigation took up the speed and police managed to trace down the culprit Shailesh Velip in connection with the murder of Ms. Valencia Fernandes.

During the investigation of Shailesh Velip, 25, it was revealed that he was the friend of a deceased girl and that he owed a huge sum of amount to her which he had borrowed from her over the time, and when the deceased started demanding her money back the accused decided to end the story by eliminating her.

According to the plan accused invited the deceased to his native place at Malakarnem in Sanguem on the pretext of showing her his house. At that time the deceased was carrying 15 thousand cash along with her, said the sources. 

The accused took the girl behind his house and after finding the suitable opportunity he strangulated her to death.

The Investigation officer said that with the help of second accused the body of the deceased was transported to Rivona jungle. “Both of them took the body on a bike. The girl was made to sit between them and taken to an isolated place where it was dumped,” said Mr. Gawas

The second accused it not yet traced but police are making all its efforts to track down the accused number two who helped in disposing the body of the deceased along with first accused. Both the accused transported the body of girl on a scooter making her sit in the middle to show as if she was traveling with them on a bike, said the sources.

(This is an ongoing story and we will keep adding more updates as it comes up


Rivona Female Murder Case: Police arrests second accuse Devidas Gaonkar r/o Rivona, main accuse Sailesh Velip confesses of killing Valencia, Devidas helped Shailesh in dumping the body, further investigation on.

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