The Man Who Destroyed the 2500 Crore Maggi Empire in India?

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The issue of Maggi is one of the most talked about subject at the moment in India. Every state in India is getting rid of the existing stock of Maggi Nuddles, which was one of the most famous fast food at every home in India. The cuppa magi had added the revolution by making it so handy to carry and eat anywhere anytime. What has suddenly happened that made this most wanted food stuff to get out of the marketplace. The 2500 crore Maggi Empire collapsed like a castle of the cards. And who was the person behind the destruction of this Maggi Empire.

He is none other than Mr. Vineet Kumar Pandey, the Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA) official who had led the team that originally collected samples of Nestle’s Maggi noodles that were found to contain high levels of lead and monosodium glutamate (MSG), is a man of rustic tastes. He loves to gorge on the humble litti chokha and dahi chura, both staple cuisines in his native Siwan district of Bihar.

The story started somewhere in the Month of March 2014 when the a team led by the Barabanki FDA officer V K Pandey had collected some packets of Maggi from a outlet and submitted them for testing. The initial report had revealed that the content of MSG was present in the Maggie beyond the permissible limit. However after the Nestle India tried to contest the findings by appealing for the further test which was then referred to laboratory in Kolkatta, which not only confirmed the presence of MSG but they also detected the level of LEAD was much higher beyond the prescribed limits.

The Goa may have been the last state to pull out the stock of Maggie from the market place. According to the available information over four tonnes of Maggi products have been collected by Nestle in Goa and will now be destroyed in the presence of officials of the state food drugs authority, chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar said on Monday. “All stock is being withdrawn. Stocks amounting to something like 4,000-odd kg have been collected by them (Nestle). I have instructed that it is to be destroyed in the presence of FDA officials,” Parsekar told the media.


It is very sad to understand that few people do their job honestly in our country, by bringing out the hazardous facts about the Maggie Mr. VK Pandey has surely helped the society as the consumption of it by the small children was the matter of concern for every parents. There are many such issues concerning to the health hazards in the food industry does not come to light due to our corrupt system. But hoping this story could be an eye opener for all of us and we surely help our system by bringing any such things to the notice of concern authorities.

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