The Increase in Gangwar Makes Goa Police to Consider the Invocation of NSA

It is high time for the local gangs and goons to understand the importance of social life, fighting on the streets with choppers and swords and killing someone is not acceptable in the civilized society and to curb this Goa Police is considering the invocation of National Security Act (NSA) and once NSA comes into the force the goons and antisocial elements will be behind bars with no bail.

It will be very bad for the beautiful place like Goa to have NSA invoked but the police will have no option left if the people start settling their scores on the road, killing each other for the petty things and Goa will become the next state to UP where NSA is already invoked for using the firearms in public.

In the capital city of Goa a brutal gang war broke out on Sunday, eight members attacked three members of a rival group. In the ensuing warfare, one person lost his hand at the wrist after it was chopped off with a sword. The previous enmity was the motive. Latest news reports indicate that the victim Krishna Kuttikar succumbed to his injuries.

According to the sources, a gang war at Taleigao that broke out between two warring groups on Sunday, resulted in one person’s hand being chopped off at the wrist with a sword. 


According to the times of India, eight members of one gang attacked three members of a rival group. According to Panaji Police Inspector, Sudesh Naik the incident occurred at a garage in Nagali, Taleigao, where the victims had come to repair their vehicle. 

The previous enmity was the cause of the attack. According to information, enmity developed after the eight embers broke off from the three to join another group. It is a case of friends turned foes.

According to the Old Goa PI Jivba Dalvi, the eight accused – four of whom were masked – came armed with swords and iron rods and to the trio by surprise.  However, they managed to attack only two as the third was in a car at the time of the attack. The two victims fled to their homes nearby. On hearing about the attack one victim’s brother rushed to the garage along with a neighbour.

He gave chase as the attackers fled. However, at Ribandar the accused attacked the brother and chopped off his hand at the wrist. 

According to a fresh report in RDXGOA News, the victim, 31-year-old Krishna Kuttikar succumbed to his injuries at the Goa Medical College. Both incidents were reported and an attempt to murder was registered by the Old Goa Police.

On Tuesday, according to Prudent Media, the Police apprehended four or the accused in the gruesome Ribandar gang war. The accused, Jack Oliviera, Kamlesh Kundaikar, residents of Nagali, Taleigao and Manish Hadfadkar from Chorao were nabbed at Margao railway station as they were attempting to flee from Goa. The fourth accused, Nagali-resident Gavrish Bandodkar was also later arrested. Police have also recovered the sword ‘koita’ used in the attack.

According to the Navhind Times, to arrest the growing incidence of sword attack related crimes in the State, the Goa Police is contemplating invoking the stringent National Security Act (NSA

.The NSA enables the detention of the anti-social elements or lawbreakers for a year. The Goa Police department has requested the Home Department to constitute a review board for confirmation of this proposal.

Inspector General of Police, Jaspal Singh informed that action against these elements will be expedited under the preventative action including Externment proceedings. “We are also contemplating taking action under the NSA in deserving cases,” he said.

A senior police official has requested people to share any information pertaining to these anti-social elements with the police and has assured them that this information will be treated as confidential.

Source: TOI | Prudent Media | Navhind Times

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