The Great Escapers of Goa’s Prison

Escaping from prison is the simplest task in Goa. If you look into the prison escapers’ history in Goa you will also agree with this statement. If a story or script were to be written on great jail breaks or escapes from custody Goa would be the perfect setting with so many real cases.

This article is written by Basuri Desai for the local daily of Goa OHeraldO she spent some time trolling the archives and speaking to those who know to chronicle Goa’s great escapes of the prisoner kind. The purpose of sharing of this article is to bring the valuable information available online to our readers, the entire credit of this article goes to Basuri Desai and the Heraldo.

Michael Fernandes, the notorious criminal has fled from police and jail custody on numerous occasions despite challenging the authority of the officials. He didn’t just give baseless warnings to the officials but proved it by actually fleeing. Fernandes has been adding insult to injury while puncturing the ego and pride of the Goa police with each of his escapes. The Charles Shobraj type character has often announced to the jail authorities about his intention to escape followed by his actual escape. The “bikini killer’ (a sobriquet given to the notorious jail breaker Charles Shobraj) would have been proud of Fernandes. Sometimes he would escape from the custody of the escort police and other times from the actual jail itself from right under the noses of officials.

We have compiled some of the great escapes of the under trials from police as well as jail custody.  


1 Escape from Agassaim Police station

Michael Fernandes who is presently in judicial custody has a history of escapes from Aguada as well as Sada sub-jail and from the hands of the escort police. His first escape was from Agassaim police on September 13, 2010 from the window of the police station. However, he was arrested after 10 days at his girl friend’s place on September 23, 2010.

Because of him, more than 14 police officers were suspended by the Goa Police department. In addition, two assistant jailors, two jail guards and the head jail guard were suspended by the Inspector General of Prisons.

2 Escape from a moving police van

His second escape was on February 22, 2011, where he jumped from a moving police van at Chicalim junction and fled on a bike which was following him. This escape was in typical Bollywood style where nearly half a dozen escort cops could not stop him from executing his escape. He was being taken to Sada Sub-Jail from Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMC) after a routine check up. However he was arrested after 40 days as almost the entire police force of South Goa district had been sent on a combat operation on April11, 2011. He was caught hiding in the jungles of South Goa.

3 Escapes from IPHB

After 11 days, he escaped from police custody yet again when he was taken to the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour (IPHB) at Bambolim .He was arrested a few days later

4 Daring escape from Aguada jail 

On October 15, 2013 he escaped from Aguada Central jail by climbing the wall. This time he had even warned the jailors and the superintendent of jails that he would run. However, he was arrested from Ambeli Dodamarg in Maharashtra on October 31, 2013.

5 Ralph Fernandes’ escape from GMC

On January 5, 2011 another criminal Ralph Fernandes escaped from the escort police at GMC where he was brought for a routine check up.

6 Escape from the Sada jail toilet

In August 2010, three inmates – Hitler Fernandes, Seby Ferrao and Abhijit Patil of Sada Sub-Jail escaped after drilling a hole in the toilet. However, two of them were arrested after a week at Sanguem.

7 Escapes from Mapusa Court

On May 11, 2015 Ganesh Nadar slipped away from the hands of escort police from the Mapusa court. He was arrested by Mapusa police in a theft case and wanted in other states for murder charges. So far there are no whereabouts of Nadar.

8 Escapes from GMC

This incident took place at GMC on May 14, 2014. An Israeli drug dealer escaped after his associate, an Ameriacan national helped him by spraying pepper spray at the escort police. However, both were arrested by Goa Police at Mollem border check post on the same day.

Credits: Author Basuri Desai for OHeradO

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