The Consumer Complains of Unfair Trade Practice at Inox Goa

THE INOX multiplex at Panaji has continued to retain water bottles of moviegoers at the entrance. Many of Goa Prism’s readers complained of this unfair trade practice carried out by INOX, despite several court rulings barring them from doing so. Goa Prism is being the platform for Goans to raise their voice many of our readers keep sharing their concerns online but we take the genuine cases. Here, in this case, one of our readers shared an experience at Inox Multiplex situated in Panaji.

In April 2017 Prism reported about Mr. Vijay Gopal’s petition against INOX, Hyderabad for barring moviegoers from carrying their own water bottles inside the theatre, keeping no water dispenser in plain sight, and forcing the consumer to purchase bottled drinking water at the counter at a rate higher than the MRP, citing maintenance reasons. The District Consumer Court ruled in favor of the consumer citing INOX’s actions as unfair bordering on criminal for forcing the consumer into spending heavily in the theatre for a basic amenity such as water. The court also sent a notice to all theatres giving them time till May 2017 to change their unfair practices and mend their ways.

But this wasn’t all. In June this year, the Bombay High Court decreed all theatres stop prohibiting water bottles from being carried inside the theatres after filmmaker Jainendra Baxi complained in court. Also, in July this year, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court ruled in favour of the PIL petitioner Sidharth Anand stating cinema multiplexes allow food inside and not charge higher than the MRP on goods sold within the theatre.

INOX is a chain of theatres across the country. Despite many cases being lodged against this multiplex for not allowing water bottle inside, they continue to behave ignorant of the fact, to juice extra cash out of the consumers in the pretext of maintenance and security. They still don’t allow people to carry their personal water bottles inside, and once inside they do not inform their thirsty consumers of the water dispensers available. These dispensers aren’t easily sighted as they are near the washroom, which isn’t very hygienic as well. Finally, consumers are forced to buy the packaged water bottles priced higher than the MRP rates.


Does the INOX in Goa also want a consumer court ruling and a heavy fine to allow its customers to carry their own water bottles inside? Are multiple court rulings not enough for it to at least install clean water dispensers inside at hygienic locations? Despite knowing the MRP is the highest price at which a product can be sold; will it continue charging higher citing unacceptable reasons? The citizens are no longer mute spectators.

If Goa Prism readers spot anything similar or unusual regarding cinema multiplexes feel free to write to us and we will bring to the public’s notice. Wrongdoers cannot hide for long. If you have ever faced similar issues, please share with us. 

Disclaimer: The report is made based on the input from the consumer who faced this issue at the above establishment. There are many cases of similar type faced by others and this could work out the voice for everyone. We as a media not passing any judgment on the establishment but trying to bring the facts out. The writer, Editor, and Publishers are not responsible for the outcome of this news article.    

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