The call for Hinduism is the matter of controversy

It was predicted by the minority voters in Goa that the BJP government will turn out be the government of Hindus and perhaps they were not wrong, with the regular interference of RSS disciples who keeps popping out in the news now and then with weird policies and comments which does not suit to the secularism of Indian constitution. The BJP wing of Goa is always keeping in harmony with the minorities, but still certain elements in their cluster keeps raising the comments, which intentionally or unintentionally creates the friction in peaceful environment of our society.

The controversial comment passed by Mrs. Lata Dhavalikar the wife of Goa Cabinet Minister Deepak Dhavalikar who also the part of present BJP government received lots of protest from the minorities of Goa. According to her statement she asked the parents not to send their children in convent school, Lata, who is a functionary of controversial right wing organization Sanatan Saunstha, was addressing a convention in Margao on Sunday, when she made this statement. According to her the sending children to convent school leads to propagation of western culture into our society which led to rise in incidents of rape. “Incidents of rape are on the rise, largely owing to the fact that women have adopted western culture,” She said.

“Hindu men, while leaving from home, should sport a tilak, while women, kumkum. Always celebrate Gudi Padwa as the Hindu New Year and not January 1. Don’t send your children to convent school… say ‘namaskar’ instead of ‘hello’ when answering a phone call,” she said. “It’s time we took pride in our rich ancient Indian culture. Now it has become trendy among Indian women not to wear ‘kumkum’ on forehead; wearing tight and revealing clothes, trimming hair and sporting weird hairdos.

When the media contacted her husband Deepak Dhavalikar, he refused to comment saying “I don’t know about any such statement by her. I will get back to you,” it is to be recalled that last year Lata’s brother in law and Minister of transport Sudin Dhavalikar has raised the controversy over the ban on bikini claiming that it is against the Indian culture and led to rape. Sudin had later withdrawn his comments that fuelled anger in the state where beaches and pubs flocked with tourists, including foreigners.


There are also incidents when Dhavalikar bros have sparked the strings, in one such incidents Deepak Dhavalikar mentioned he is very much confident that our PM would develop India into Hindu nation. What do you think? Do we really need to setup the Hindu nation in India or we should keep our secular culture live? Dhavalikar bros are right or wrong? Only your opinion can decide the fate of India, as each of you are as much responsible as the law makers. Please leave your comments on this.

Source: PTI

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