The Boundary wall of a prominent residential complex in Tonca collapses on 3 kids

The above incident took place due to the negligence of the builder of the prominent residential complex due to which 3 kids and 1 lady have suffered serious injuries.

A boundary wall collapsed in Tonca, Khambrabhat trapping 3 kids and a woman. The tragic incident took place on Tuesday afternoon when the children were playing near the weak boundary wall. Ambulances from Taleigao and Panaji rushed to the place while the residents rescued the ones trapped under the debris.


As reported by Prudent Media the enraged residents said that in the past the wall fell several times and they reported this to the concerned person. Due to the irresponsible construction of the builders, the wall came crumbling down almost burying the people.

One of the residents said, “We complained to the concerned people but they didn’t pay attention to us. The wall does not have a proper foundation but is irresponsibly built every time it collapsed”

According to the news covered by In Goa says that the boundary wall belongs to the Kamat complex Tonca. Gaurav Naik, the owner of the property says that every year the wall keeps falling and they rebuild it back. But this year the collapsing wall has injured the residents staying there which will not be tolerated. He also said that nobody of the colony except the residents came to see the poor state of the people. “The only choice is left is to complain now,” said Naik.

Along with the children, a 2 wheeler was also stuck in the debris, another woman sustained a minor scratch on her leg, she says, “Children were playing here when the wall suddenly collapsed. I was standing little farther but still suffered a minor scratch. I went to the doctor and got myself treated”.

It is believed that the poor construction brought down the wall and it can be assumed that the rains have further weakened it. Why wait for something to happen than repair it beforehand.

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