Thane massacre – what exactly happened that day narrates the sole survivor Sobiya Bharmal

Sobiya Bharmal the sole survivor and the youngest sister of the suspected accused Hasnain Warekar who killed 14 members of his family before hanging himself revealed some shocking facts behind the murder she also narrated the complete incident to the Mumbai police. According to her statement, her deceased brother Hasnain used to sexually abuse their late mentally challenged sister.

Some stories practically shake the basic foundations of the relationships that exist in today’s society. People seem to be losing all the moral values and ethics for the material things in the life. The story of Thane massacre is the live example of it. According to the shocking revelation made by Sobia in her statement to the Mumbai police, it has been revealed that Hasnain (her brother) used to sexually abuse his own mentally challenged  sister and the same was narrated by Baitul (mentally challenged sister) to Sobiya. “Jab Jabin (Hasnain Warekar’s wife) Ghar ke uparwale kamre me sone jaati hai… aur ammi market mein jaati hai, toh Hasnain mere saath aakar mere badan ko chhoota hai. Mujhe apne upar baithne ko kehta hai… aur mere kapde utar kar mere saath gandi harkat karta hai,” Sobiya told police. (the incident narrated by her deceased mentally challenged sister)

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Sobiya Bharmal gave her statement to the thane police from her Titan Hospital bed. According to the sources, in her 9-hour conversation which apparently runs into 10 pages of the statement, Sobiya told each and everything to the police that includes the gruesome details of sexual abuse and slaughtering of her entire family by her deceased brother Hasnain Warker.

Thane murder The bloody floor
The floor of a room stained with blood and image drew by police

When the statement of the Sobiya was recorded the Kapurbawadi police, police sub-inspector Kalyani Patil from the Anti-Human Trafficking Cell, and other officers were present there. According to Sobiya, she along with her 5 months old daughter (deceased) came to her maternal place in Kasarwadavli home on the way to a clinic for polio dose. This is the time her mentally unstable sister Baitul (deceased) narrated the story of sexual abuse to her. “When she told me everything about her sexual abuse, my mother Azgari assaulted Baitul for telling everything to me,” Sobiya told the police.

According to Ashitosh Dhumbre, Joint Commissioner of Police Thane, It was on February 6, when all the three sisters (Sobiya, Maria, and Sabina) had met for niyaz (a cultural event) at Maria’s residence in Navi Mumbai, when Sobiya shared the details with them, Hasnain is believed to been standing behind a curtain and overhearing the chat. Following this, his attitude towards them changed. According to Dhumbre, the psychiatric drug that a Pune-based doctor had prescribed for Baitul was being taken by Hasnain. Azgari had caught him with it once and he had said that it was a mild medicine.


Following to the story of sexual abuse of her mentally challenged sister Sobiya narrated the complete story of murder that she witnessed on that fateful day. According to Sobiya, her brother killed their entire family before turning his rage on her. “Maine sab gharwalo ko khatam kiya hai. Main tumhe bhi nahin chhodunga.” (I have already killed everyone in the family and now it’s your turn) the 35-year-old Hasnain Warekar told her while attacking her with the chopper which resulted in cut on her throat.

People carry the body of Indian man Hasnain Warekar, after autopsy from a hospital in Thane, outskirts of Mumbai, India, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016. Warekar, 35 fatally stabbed 14 members of his family, including seven children, early Sunday before hanging himself, police said. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade)
People carry the body of Indian man Hasnain Warekar, after autopsy from a hospital in Thane, outskirts of Mumbai, India, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016. Warekar, 35 fatally stabbed 14 members of his family, including seven children, early Sunday before hanging himself, police said. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade)

According to the statement of Sobiya to the Thane police, they all had gone for the day at on a Saturday night to their family house at Kasarvadavali in Thane. Hasnain was living there with the parents and one of the sisters. Around 1 am, they went to bed in three different rooms. Sobiya and her sister Maria were sleeping on the ground floor in a bedroom adjoining the hall, where her father Anwar, mother Asgari, sisters Batul and Sabina and their kids were sleeping. Sobiya had left her baby in the bedroom upstairs, with Hasnain, his wife Jabin and their two daughters.

Hasnain slit Maria’s throat before turning towards Sobiya, telling her that he will kill her like he did to everyone else. According to Sobiya, it was around 3 am that she woke up with the sound of the bedroom door opening “When I woke up, the lights in the hall were on and in that light I saw Hasnain slitting Maria’s throat as she slept next to me. I yelled at him and pushed him out of the bedroom, and that’s when I saw the dead bodies of my father, mother and the kids in a pool of blood in the hall,” recalled Sobiya

According to Sobiya, she managed to push Hasnain and rush back into the bedroom, locked herself in the room and started screaming for the help. The neighbors managed to remove her out from the room through the window. Although she survived the attack but she had suffered serious injuries on her neck, stomach and hands.

“I closed the bedroom and ran towards the window and started screaming for help. When my neighbors were alerted, they managed to pull me out. They took me to Titan Hospital in an auto rickshaw, where I am undergoing treatment,” she told police. When the police questioned her about what motive Hasnain may have had to murder his own family members, she said, “I don’t know why he did it, but I was shocked to see that he brutally killed all family members and I am the only witness.” She added.

Police are also confused with this incident as what could have prompted a 35-year-old well-educated person who was an accountant by profession, to slaughter his entire family while they were sleeping. Police have appointed the psychiatrist to help them in this case. The cops have gathered the information about Hasnain who apparently been threatening to kill family members from past two years.

According to the statement of Sobiya, he told her on several occasions that one day he will kill her too.  ‘Tum logo ko dekh ke mera khoon khaulta hai, main tum sab ko ek din maar daaloonga’ (My blood starts boiling looking at you people. one day I am going to kill you all) were his clinching lines,” Sobiya told the police.

Police are trying to investigate this case from all the possible angles. They are checking whether Hasnain ever consulted a psychiatrist for mental issues. They have also seized his laptop and mobile phone.

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