Taxi Mafia Raises its head again in the State, Cab Driver of a Taxi Aggregator Attacked

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If there is one issue that Goa faces, it’s a lack of public transport. While buses do not go to remote areas, the rickshaws and taxis operate as per the whims and fancies of the drivers, who charge exorbitant rates to travel for a few kilometers.

Goa being a state that is predominantly dependent on tourists, public transport is the need of the hour. Small villages too face the heat due to the lack of buses which commute along with these areas.

To counter this, the Goa Government came up with its own app-based taxi aggregator, Goa Miles. Sadly the taxi mafia wasn’t too pleased with this development and began all sorts of bullying tactics even going so far as to hold the state to ransom on a couple of occasions. 

Plus many taxi drivers have resorted to violence, be it against the Goa Miles cab operators or people who choose to use this service. On Monday, three taxi operators attacked a Goa Miles cab operator in the Anjuna Police jurisdiction.


Their excuse was the usual one that they were afraid of losing their business to this affordable app. Police sources though say that these taxi drivers attacked the Goa Miles cab operator outside a popular hotel for a very silly reason.

The name of the accused and details of whether they were arrested is yet to be revealed by the police. This attack points out that the sole reason why these taxi drivers resorted to violence is the frustration felt by them on the alleged loss of business, by these tourist taxi operators.

During the recent assembly session, these taxi operators had tried to twist the arm of the Sawant led government in the State, by resorting to a statewide strike, with threats to disrupt traffic and daily commuters.

But the strike held no water as the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant refused to give in to their bullying tactics and these taxi operators were made to toe the line.

It’s time that these taxi operators were dealt with a firm hand and put in place before things get out of hand. It’s the beginning of the tourist season in Goa and one doesn’t need any sort of untoward incidents happening in the state. The state is already reeling under the pressure of lack of visitors this year and incidents like these do nothing to lift up the image of the state.

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