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Gang on rampage in Canacona Goa The gang of 25 teenagers...

Based on the available information from the reliable sources, Canacona residents have claimed that the gang of 25 teenagers is on a rampage of robbing the commuters traveling on the road at night. When media contacted the local MLA he said that there is a need of counseling since the accused are supposedly local youth. How this surviving and who is giving them the shelter? Read the complete report here.

Buzzfeed addressed Time of India as ‘A Sexual Harasser’ in Newspaper...

It seems like one of the major national media has put our country into the hall of shame by displaying the upskirt image of Kate Middleton, (Catherine Elizabeth) Duchess of Cambridge, on her recent trip to India. This incident has taken a very ugly turn in media with lots of criticism thrown towards the national daily by the national and international media. The twitter is full of criticizing remarks.

Do you want to increase the storage of your iPhone without...

There is an unusual hack that has been discovered which dramatically increases the storage space of your iPhone (any model) the source claims that the trick is capable of feeling up the Gigabytes of storage space on your phone that makes it very handy if you use the lower storage capacity device. Check out here the actual trick that will add up huge space to your iPhone device.

New of ways of cheating online companies lands Mother & son...

This is the story of Mother-Son duo who invented new ways of cheating the various e-commerce companies including Snapdeal to the tune of 8.16 lakh by purchasing the expensive smartphones from them. How they managed to do it? And how they finally trapped by the e-commerce company, read the complete story here.


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