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Goa gears up to celebrate the ‘Poderachem Fest’ – a day...

In most parts of the country, the people wake up to an alarm clock. But Goa is a little different. Here, Goans have awakened listening to the poder’s (bakers) call. The Goan Baker or rightly known to the Goans as ‘Poder’ is someone who is awaited every day for his delicious and steaming hot bread. They come daily in the mornings, afternoons and the evenings with bread on their bicycles, honking their horns. Children run to get their ‘pao’; having it fresh and hot is the best way to savour it. Eaten along with chicken cafreal, patal bhaji, nusteachi koddi (fish curry), or even devoured after being buttered and dipped in plain tea, bread in Goa persists as a hallmark of the state's cuisine. Celebrating this staple food item and the people behind the craft of bread-making, Goa will celebrate the Poderachem fest’ (bakers feast) at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Socorro Village, Goa, from Oct 1 to 3, 2016.

Goan “pao’ to be more costly if government does not fulfill...

Goan ‘pao’ is the most preferred bread in Goa. It is very famous, especially with locals. Goan cannot think of their day begins and end without the pao on their table. The trend of making chapatti is catching up in Goan household but still it cannot replace the pao. The story of “PODER” will give you the complete insight into the life of the ‘pao’ makers of Goa. Goa’s BJP-led government under the leadership of then CM Manohar Parrikar had assured


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