Swedish Tourist Alleges Sexual Harassment by Calangute Based Tattoo Artist

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Making Tattoo has not only become a fashion in Goa but it is also one of the most lucrative business in the state. There are hundreds of tattoo makers in Goa doing their business in the coastal belt and most of them are engaged in providing the service to foreigners as they are mainly the potential customers. But while doing this there are cases of sexual harassment and many a time it does not get surfaced into the media. But here the case seems to be different and the Tattoo Artist have caught on the wrong foot this time.

According to the report published by the local website Its Goa Jamina Anneborg, a Yoga and Reiki practitioner from Sweden who visited Moksha Tattoo Studio in Calangute. What started as a routine tattoo with the owner and senior tattoo artist, Mukesh Waghela, quickly turned into a hellish encounter with sexual harassment.

The Swedish tourist got the shock of her life when she saw the dark side of the Tattoo artist whom she trusted with the professional assignment. Soon Jamina went to post the incident of her sexual harassment on her Instagram handle saying that the owner of the Tattoo Studio Mukesh Waghela had sexually harassed her to the level that she had to leave the studio without finishing the Tattoo. 


As usual, soon the news went viral on the social media with various people including some of the competitors in a similar business posting the screenshots of Jasmina’s post on their social media handles. After reading about the experience of Jumina dozens of women employees of the Moksha Studio came forward in the support of her.


Jumina narrated the incident of sexual harassment in the review she posted on the social media handle saying that the owner of the Tattoo Studio Mr. Mukesh Waghela asked his employee to leave the studio so that he could be alone with Jumina in the room and then he locked the room from inside. Later he asked Jumina to remove all her clothes including the undergarments, while according to Jumina the tattoo was supposed to be made only on her back.   

When Jumina asked him whether she can keep her underwear and pants on, Mukesh allegedly denied and finding herself alone inside the room with the doors locked she had no other option but to follow the instruction of Mukesh. Jumina further narrates as to how he forced himself on her and rubbed his genitals on her body. This continued for a while until, crying, she asked to use the washroom.

Once she went inside the washroom, she managed to put her clothes on and refused to take them off. The experience was so disturbing for Jamina, she had to call her mother and keep her on the phone just so that she wouldn’t feel alone with Mukesh.   

At the end of her review, Jumina narrates how Mukesh Waghela the owner of Moksha Tattoo Studio situated on Calangute offered her the MDMA (AKA Ecstasy) to calm her down. She also warned all the women who would use the services of Mukesh to be careful with him and speak out if similar incidents take place with them.

According to the reports, Jumina received huge support from the netizens as many of them posted her review screenshots on the various social media handles. Another lady Amanda Vaz shared the similar experience she had with the accused and that how she also had to leave the studio with the incomplete Tattoo.

One of the employees of the Accused also came out in the support of Jumina and Amanda exposing the sexual harassment of Mukesh Waghela is not a new affair and he had been sexually abusing the female clients for a long time. He also said that Mukesh would not allow them to do the Tattoos on the Back, Shoulders, Ribs, and Hips of the female clients as those were supposed to be done by Mukesh alone exclusively.

Source: Its Goa

Disclaimer: This story is published based on the inputs from the social media posts posted by Jumina Anneborg through her social media handles, and it does not constitute the views and opinion of the writers, editors and/or any team members of Goa Prism Digital Media. The Goa Prism bears no responsibility whatsoever for the information contained in the story.

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