Sunburn will be held at Vagator, but we want to keep options open says Percept MD

The meeting of Percept Managing Director with Calangute Panchayat members raised the speculations in the media about the possibilities of change in the venue of Sunburn this time.

Sunburn electronic dance music festival (EDM) started in Goa in the year 2007. Although at the moment the permanent venue for Sunburn is Vagator, but it commenced at Candolim in 2007 and within the span of just two years it was ranked as the 9th best music festival in the world by CNN in 2009. The festival organized the by the percept company (now owned by Sony) runs three days music extravaganza every year. To drop all the speculations, the festival organizers made it clear to the media that they will not be changing the existing venue at the moment.

The festival will take place in Vagator only since it is the bigger and better site compared to bustled Calangute and Candolim areas. Mr. Harindra Singh, MD, Percept Company told the media that he is right now focused on Vagator venue alone. He further expressed that the reason behind approaching the Calangute Village Panchayat was for the purpose of obtaining the NOC. He said that this is being one of the biggest music festivals in India and gets the huge crowd and need of larger place is the necessary. Vagator is the most suitable venue but at the same there is a need of keeping the options open for the alternate venues. Just like every year in the case of any eventuality. The Calangute and Baga could be the alternative venues. He was perhaps referring to the event of 2014 when the Village Panchayat of Anjuna had Passed the Resolution to not to allow the music festival in their village.

We are keeping the fingers crossed he said. In case if someone goes to the court and gets the stay against the festival venue at Vagator then we have to be ready. But meanwhile, the Vagator remains the venue for Sunburn 2015. According to the sources, Sunburn which used to take place in Candolim had been shifted to the Vagator after the disputes with the organizers of rival Supersonic EDM festival who managed to retain the Candolim location.

Calangute Panchayat on Tuesday published the notice for special gram sabha on Sunday 13th December to discuss the issue of “Hosting the Sunburn at Sauntavaddo, Baga from December 27 to 30”. Calangute Sarpanch Joseph Sequeira has agreed that the percept head Shailendra Singh met him at the panchayat office on Monday and submitted the application   “We received the application yesterday from Shailendra Singh. There are some NGOs which are opposing the festival at Vagator. Also, the venue is Comunidade land and some Comunidade members are opposed to the festival. They may still have the festival in Vagator this year, but from next year they want to have it at Baga. Because of this, we have called a special gram sabha to let the people decide whether they want Sunburn in Baga or not. Let the people decide,” Sequeira said. He did not rule out the possibility of Sunburn being held in Baga this year.


He also clarified that no preparations have been started in Vagator venue as yet and the stakeholders in the tourism sector are looking towards the possibility of having the festival this year at Baga which will result in boosting the businesses in the vicinity. Besides that Goa Tourism also developed the huge place keeping in the mind mega music festivals.

With the above statement made by Sequeira gives the clear indication that festival may happen in Baga this year. It will be the good sign of relief to the stakeholders in the tourism industry in Baga and Calangute that is facing the heat of dipping tourism business this year. Let’s wait and watch what happens next. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

Source: Various Sources  

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