A Fight Between Students of PES College Ended up with Class XII Student Getting Admitted at GMC, in Critical Condition, After He was Stabbed by a Student of a Class XI

Student stabbing another fellow student over a petty issue is a very serious concern for the school as well the parents, and this also reveals that the students come to the class with weapons along with them which they can bring into the use in case of a scuffle. This incident also points towards serious consequences in the future. The Condition of the victim is said to be critical and the accused have surrendered before the Ponda police following the incident. 

In one of the most shocking incidents that took place in the Ponda area, a class XI student stabbed his senior with a knife like a weapon following the scuffle which broke out between the two over the earlier issues. The incident of stabbing took place at the Farmagudi Bus Stop, outside the PES College in Ponda, on 21st September, after college hours.

This is the first of its kind stabbing incident that took place in the Junior Colleges of Goa. The accused had supposedly stabbed twice in the victim’s stomach & chest with a sharp knife like object making deep gashes. The injured student was immediately shifted to the local district hospital initially, later looking at the seriousness of injury the doctors advised him to shift to GMC, said the sources. His condition is said to be critical at the moment and he has been kept under observation, said the sources.       


The sources have revealed that the accused took these drastic steps as he has a link to a political person of that area and hence has no fear of the law. We are unable to mention further details of the accused since he is a minor. This incident has shocked the students and teacher fraternity as they could not believe something like this can happen at the junior college and that too in Goa.

The sources said that the student was rushed to the private doctor before the arrival of the cops and there he was referred to the district hospital Ponda but looking at his critical condition the doctors and district hospital advised to shift him to GMC (Goa Medical College) at Bambolim.


According to the sources, after stabbing the senior student the minor accused fled the scene leaving the victim bleeding profusely. The police said they did not arrest the accused as he is a minor and have taken him into the custody for the purpose of the investigation, and are searching for the weapon.

According to the police reports, the incident was resulted out of the previous issue that was recorded by the victim on his mobile camera. The accused was worried that the victim may reveal that incident before the school authorities or blackmail him, and this prompted him to take this drastic steps. Although the current explanation does not look to be a suitable reason for the stabbing presently we have no other information from the sources.             

According to Ponda Deputy SP, Sunita Sawanth, police have registered the crime under Section 307 (Attempt to Murder). Police have taken custody of the accused. She confirmed that the victim was stabbed twice, once in the chest and on his stomach. The cops are still looking for the weapons. She said the weapon may not be the ones used in school labs. 


The above incident not only shows the kind of temperaments the new generation of kids has but also shows the kind of environment the accused lives in which may be making him fearless to take such drastic steps. “It is a sad incident and I am shocked. I am praying for his recovery,” said one of the politically linked relatives of the accused adding that He regrets the GenNext’s changing attitude and said the new lot was also disobedient. One of the professors of the junior college also regretted the incident and said that “We, the teachers should take responsibility. We need to inculcate good culture, sense of brotherhood and oneness among students.” He also added that “It was sad to see how young kids lose their temper so fast and can take such bloody revenge.”

What do you think about this shocking incident? Do you think the student should be permitted inside the college premises with the weapons? What kind of Action needs to be initiated with the criminal minds to make sure that they do not repeat the same in the future? Please do share your valuable comments and suggestions on this very serious issue.


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