Student arrested selling stolen gadgets online, what happened next?

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This is a very interesting case; please try to read till the end if possible. Avadhoot Patil, an XII STD student was arrested by the Laxmanpuri police station for allegedly selling stolen goods online. According to the sources, the accused used to break into the house stealing cellphones and laptops and selling them later on the popular online portals. The police were stunned when they found out about a number of goods they found in his custody. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This incident took place at Kolhapur around 250KM from Goa. According to the Kolhapur police, the goods worth Rs. 12 Lakh was recovered from the possession of the accused that includes, two motorcycles worth Rs. 1.95 lakh, Rs 6.52 lakh gold jewelry, Rs 18,000 silver ornaments, seven cell phones worth Rs 88,000 and seven laptops costing Rs 1.82 lakh from Patil. The accused also confessed of breaking into 10 houses in the various parts of the city.

The name of the accused as revealed by the police is Avdhoot Patil, a 19-year-old resident of Dewulwadi in Bhudargad Taluka. He was arrested on April 19 under section 379 of IPC and was presented before the local court on the same day, which remanded him in police custody till April 25.

The police sources have revealed that the accused was involved in the multiple houses breaking cases. There were various cases reported from the different parts of the city against him.  The accused also confessed to stealing the motorcycle from Calangute in Goa. The superintendent of police Pradeep Deshpande did the shocking revelation saying that “Around 10 months ago, he stole Rs 1,000 in cash and a cellphone that he had borrowed from his brother from a rented room in Rajarampuri. As per his claims, this incident turned his life after which he took to stealing valuables.” Thereafter, he lifted two cellphones from the private hostel where he was living, sold them on OLX and earned Rs 3,200. He has lifted two motorcycles and committed 10 house break-in crimes in the last ten months in the city.

The police sources said that his modus operandi was very unique. “First, he would break open the sliding window of a house and gain the entry into the house and list all the valuable items. He used to sell most of the electronics goods on OLX through his fake account.  “We have recovered all the seven laptops and seven cellphones he had sold to different customers in Kolhapur and nearby places through OLX. We are yet to recover valuables worth Rs 1.38 lakh that he sold on the portal. He did not sell gold jewelry worth Rs 6.52 lakh as he was not confident of convincing probable buyers,” Deshpande said.


According to the confession given to police, he went to Sawantwadi for some personal work and robbed the motorcycle parked outside the house with the keys on. Later he went to Goa and deposited the stolen license and came back with the bike. “His parents were shocked after we told them about his criminal activities. They were unaware of it. They used to send Rs 4,500 every month to him. They said he never demanded any additional money from them. His parents had dreamed of making him a doctor and had paid tuition fees to various classes in the city for his medical entrance exam, which is scheduled next month,” Deshpande said. “Patil had visited his house with these bikes. Every time his parents used to ask him about the bikes, he used to tell that he had borrowed them from friends. They did not know that he was going to college on these bikes,” he added.

The story of his getting caught is also very interesting. According to the sources, the accused used to visit the mobile shop in Laxmipuri to buy a new cellphone and resell them the stolen handsets for cheap rates against the new one. He used to visit the shop every week or fortnight. Someone was observing his activity that passed on the information to the police. The police swung into the action and started keeping watch on his activities. Soon the police realized that the number plates used on his motorcycles were fake. They immediately detained him for an enquiry following which he confessed to committing the crime.

This story ends up on a very good note, though, with police taking this issue on the humanitarian ground and allowing him once more chance to change his lifestyle and appear for the exams. According to the Superintendent of Police Pradeep Deshpande, “Avdoot has realized that this route will end his academic career. He has stated that he wants to study and become a doctor. He has an excellent track record. We will be very happy if he changes in his life, becomes a good man and works for society. He is free to study and appear for any kind of exam.”

Source: TOI


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