Stop Calling Government Employees Corrupt, The Government Employees Union Warns Political Parties

The statement came in the backdrop of the polling that took place in Goa on the 4th February in which the government employees were assigned to the election duty have been asked to cast their votes via a post on the ballot papers. The sources have said that the political parties are addressing the government employees as corrupt and they are selling the votes for the money. The association said to have taken the serious note of the same and had warned the political parties to not to get indulge into such activities.

Based on the information available from the reliable sources, the Goa Government Employees Association has warned the political parties in the state to immediately stop making the allegations on the government employees by the way of making irresponsible statements on the issue of voting right exercised by the government employees who were appointed for polling duty on February 4, and have been given the opportunity to cast their votes through ballot papers. The association took offense to political parties stating that “all government employees are corrupt and selling their votes”.     


The association has sent a letter to the Election Commission of India to issue instructions to such political parties to stop making the irresponsible statements. “Political parties haven’t paid heed to the pain and hardship government servants undergo in fulfilling their constitutional obligations. Ever since the elections are declared and code of conduct is enforced, many government employees, who were on election duty, hardly enjoyed any holidays or had sufficient time to rest and discuss important matters with their families,” a statement by the association said.       

The President of the association John Nazareth has welcomed the special camp organized by the election commission and district election officers to facilitate their voting through postal ballots, by making arrangements of gazetted officers and identifying officers. “Government employees in Goa are by and large honest, sincere and non-corrupt. Political parties should note that making blanket generalized statements, that all government servants are corrupt and will sell their votes or succumb to pressure, are demoralizing and will provoke the peace-loving, sincere and hardworking government employees to unite and revolt. There may be isolated cases and if there are, people can file appropriate complaints before concerned authorities instead of making such statements,” the statement said.



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