Speeding swift car dashes three including 4 year old boy at Ponda

Accidents are the outcome of rash and negligent driving in most of the cases. Here is another case where three family members including a 4-year-old boy sustained grievous injuries in a road accident at Ponda-Goa on Wednesday. The minor boy received injuries on his head and is battling for his life at Goa Medical College, Bambolim. Read the full news here.

According to a source, the accident occurred near the fire station at around 5.10 pm when a speeding Swift car dashed against the family who was trying to cross the road.  The injured has been identified as Satvik AbhishekI, his wife Seema and son Saumitra (4 years) from Savoiverem, Ponda-Goa.

According to police, Satvik Abhisheki along with his wife and son was trying to cross the road near the fire station, when they reached the middle of the road a speeding car dashed them. It is learned that the suspected car was trying to overtake another car in the middle of the road.

This is the perfect example of the negligence of driver that left the three injured. Despite efforts being made by the traffic police in Goa to educate drivers on safety measures and inculcate principles of road safety, the number of accidents has not decreased.  Every week there is an increase in the number of accidents reported in the newspapers and the main reason for this is, over speeding, overtaking, rash driving, driving without wearing a helmet and now drunk driving.

Even after strict rules and punishments, it seems that nothing has brought a change. Accidents are increasing and getting worst day by day in Goa, which is leading to a huge loss to the families of the victims.



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