Speeding Goods Truck Rams into House Along Guirim Road; No Injuries Reported

Speeding Truck Rams Into House
Speeding Truck Rams Into House at Porvorim-Mapusa Highway

In an accident reported today morning, a goods truck lost control and hit a house along the Guirim highway on the Porvorim-Mapusa route.

The truck, which appeared to empty, hit straight into a house along the main road, completely damaging major portions of the house.

The front portion of the house was severely damaged as the goods truck hit straight into it, resulting in parts of the house coming down with the impact. 

It is further learned that the two persons in the truck – driver and cleaner – both immediately made for a run after the accident. The incident, which occurred along the main road, caught the attention of many, and alert locals caught the two who were trying to escape from the accident scene.


The two were nabbed in time before they escaped. 

Also, according to sources, both the driver and the cleaner appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. It is also learned that the cleaner was the one driving the goods truck and not the actual driver. 

No injuries were reported from this accident, as the members of the house escaped without any hurts. 

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