Sonam Kapoor Shares Her Throwback Post from 2009 Following Goa Opening For Tourism

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor Relaxing in Goa (Image Credits : Instagram)

Following the announcement made by the Tourism Minister on resuming of the Tourism activities in Goa from 2nd, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor had shared her throwback Instagram post from her vacation back in 2009.

The closure of the tourism activities in Goa due to the coronavirus pandemic had ruined the plans of many celebrations and high-end tourists who normally flock to Goa for vacation on regular basis, maybe its outdoor shoots or even the destination weddings.

The lockdown in the state led to cancel several hundreds of bookings from celebrities and high end tourists.    

According to the Latestly report, The past three months have brought everything to a standstill and we bet everyone has been dreaming of a vacation.


Meanwhile, Sonam Kapoor could not hold back her emotions and shared the throwback images from her 2009 vacation on her Instagram handle.   

In her post, she wrote “Goa state of mind” with the #throwback. The actress shared a series of photos that she revealed was from 2009. In these pictures, the actress was seen in a chill mode sitting by the beach. 

Bhumi Pednekar also did not stay behind and she posted a comment on the post of Sonam saying “Mine Too.”

Meanwhile, the official announcement has been made by the Tourism Minister Babu Ajgaonkar saying that “We have decided to allow domestic travellers to enter Goa from July 2 onwards provided they comply with certain norms.” 

The things won’t be moving ahead so soon with the SOPs still not clear and the hurdles due to the lack of manpower to run the show.

Section 144 is in place, the Bars are not yet allowed to open in the state and nightlife will be non-existent in the state. The social distancing norms and an earring of the masks remain compulsory. 

In the meantime, like Sonam Kapoor, many of us are sure to revisit our memories of Goa till it’s safe to travel again.

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