Sol de Goa Brings the International Musical Talent to Goa

The Sol de Goa is one of the prominent destinations for live music in Goa and has consistently created a platform for jazz, rock and pop musicians from Goa and around the world on Thursday nights for years now. They have recently bagged the Times Nightlife award as well. On Thursday March 10, Natalie Matos’ band took the stage with Vivek Philip on the drums, Linar on bass, Phillip on keyboards and Anna playing the cello and a interesting instrument called the musical saw that makes a haunting sound. Natalie interpreted famous classics like Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan, Fever, Feeling Good, in her own unique style, that were very enjoyable. Here is the Q&A with Natalie Matos as her band performs at the well-known Sol de Goa at their popular Thursday night live music event.

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Q: How would you describe your music? 

Natalie: I offer a mixture of my own compositions as well as creatively arranged retro covers that give people something a bit different. A soulful, funky, jazzy folk kind of feel, it’s all about creating an uplifting vibe with uplifting lyrics, as well as offering songs that people know and love.


Q: Can you tell me a bit about your band? 

Natalie: Starting out as a solo artist with acoustic guitar and voice, the songs have been written and chosen by myself. The band began when I started working with Vivek Philip as a duo. Great with arranging, harmonies and all round musical talent, Vivek is really the soul behind creating the full band sound. Linar and Anna from Russia (additionally known for their own duo Namana) also add something special. Linar on bass has a unique style of playing and Anna adds the ‘wow factor’ with the cello. At larger events like at Sol de Goa we also add an extra soloist, usually lead guitar or keys.


Q: What is your album called, how has it been producing it in Goa and where can people access it? 

Natalie: The album ‘Life Surprises’ has been recorded here in Goa at Vivek’s studio with the core band and a range of visiting musicians. Co-produced by myself and Vivek, the ‘Life Surprises’ has been a real labour of love that was funded by a crowd funding campaign that I ran in 2014.

Mixed in Canada, the album has been mastered in the UK by Pete Mayher. Pete has worked with the likes of U2 and the Rolling Stones, to name just a few, and offers support to a certain number of unsigned artists. We were so pleased when he heard the tracks and agreed to support us. The album is set to be released in the summer and will be available on all major download sites.

Q: How do you like playing at the Sol de Goa? 

Natalie: Sol is a beautiful venue with a great audience that enjoy hearing something different. They really put a lot of effort into creating a good fun night and it’s great to be a part of their Thursday Night Live.

Q: Tell me a little about your journey as a musician. 

Natalie: I came to music quite late in life. I come from a musical family, had studied piano and cello as a child and used to write a lot of my own compositions. I then gave it all up in my early teens. Life events rekindled the desire to write. Already living in Goa the easiest thing was to pick up a guitar. My initial approach was much more folk orientated, followed by work in Ibiza as a live vocalist with house DJ’s Rene Lezare. ‘Sit down and listen’ acoustic music is not that sought after in Goa. This along with my desire for more creativity when working with DJs has lead me to produce a more upbeat sound which I am really enjoying.

I still, on the right occasion, like to perform a more intimate acoustic set and have always believed in promoting the power of music to help us all feel better within our daily lives, no matter what the style.


Q: Why Goa and what do you think about the live music scene here? 

Natalie: I have been living in Goa for nearly 12 years now. Initially here to travel, I fell in love with Patnem, south Goa and opened a Yoga & Healing Centre there. Once the music bug kicked in, I was lucky enough to meet Vivek and made the decision to leave my business and move to north Goa where there is more happening.

For me, Goa has a unique creative musical pot, made up of some hugely talented musicians that live here, as well a pool of talent passing though. Hardly surprising that Goa is known for an amazing jamming culture.

As a singer songwriter, my style of music is very different to this and it has taken a bit of time to pull together the right sound. Equally I can’t think of anywhere else where I would have found such an international and eclectic mix of talent to work with.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add? 

Natalie: Please take a look at my website:

Text : Sapna Shahani

Images : Hubert DSilva


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