Social activist Aires Rodregues claims to have threat to life from Mickky

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According to the recently published post on social media, Advocate and Social activist Aires Rodregues has claimed to have threat to his life from the correlates of Mickky Pacheco. “The long-absconding convict Mickky Pacheco, having finally surrendered today, has reportedly issued a fatwa to his henchmen, seeking revenge and retribution.” stated Mr. Rodregues in his post.

Aires Roadregues who was actively involved into the arrest of the long absconding Mickky Pacheco, is the famous name in Goa by now for all his contribution into various issues pertaining to the social cause. He is the supposedly the first person who would stand against the injustice and tyranny in the society. Whether it is the case of corrupt activities of the local politicians or abuser of law, Mr. Rodregues will not step behind. The time has come now when people of wrong doing are scared of him and some also pose threat to him.

Mr. Rodregues has also claimed that there is a well planned attack on his life which could happen any moment and people who are close to him have advised him to take the extra precautions in his movements. “This I shall not do! I have always led the life of a common man. I have been attacked many a time. But my time was never up! As the sufi mystic Kabir said “Jako rakhe Sai, maar sake na koi” (None can harm him who is looked after by higher Powers). If instead of fighting legally in Courts, they wish to settle scores through swords and guns, there is nothing I can say.” Stated Mr. Rodregues.

It is to be recalled that in year 2008 on October 13th which was happened to be a Friday, Mr. Rodregues was sitting in a city restaurant and group of people armed with sharp weapons had attacked him to probably finish him and his existence, but with the grace of God he survived from that attack. According Mr. Rodregues the attack was pre-planned and he had been warned about it just an hour before. “I called then Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and apprised him of what was on the cards. Digambar Kamat, however, merely said “Do not worry, everything will be okay” He further stated.


Now that he knows that the new attack is impending he is not worried or scared of it in fact he is ready to face the same, with similar strength he used earlier, he states that “I shall, as always, remain unperturbed. I would rather die with a hope, rather than have hope die inside of me. Let destiny takes its course. My only wish is that my fellow Goans, especially the younger generation, will continue the battle against injustice and corruption. Each of us has to go someday, but our Goa shall exist forever.” With little pause he continues “If I do have to depart, it shall be with a proud sense of accomplishment of at least having attempted to do everything possible for Goa. I shall remain heavily indebted to all my teachers in school and college who imparted me the knowledge and guidance that helped me in all my, often lonely, crusades.”

According to Mr. Rodregues the Death is not the end of story as in a matter of death one goes only physically while his soul remains here forever. “I shall await in heaven or hell – wherever I am dispatched – to witness that glorious day when Goa will be truly liberated from injustice, corruption and nepotism, all sadly a way of life today.” He writes giving the example of Corazon Aquino, widow of assassinated President of Philippines, who went on to be president herself “I would rather die a meaningful death than live a meaningless life”

We can only hope and pray for the longer life of Him so that he stays here and continues to do his social work and help the needy people, fight against the corruption and corrupts till the last breath of life.

Source: Facebook Post 

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