Smuggling of Liquor Out of Goa Cracked by State Excise Department

Liquor Smuggling
The Truck Carrying Smuggled Liquor out of state caught by Excise Department

Liquor, almost worth Rs 17 lakhs was seized by the state excise department at the Patradevi check-post along the Goa border. 

The liquor, according to the excise officials, was being smuggled out of the state. The boxes of liquor were found in a truck making its way out of the state.

The liquor was carefully concealed behind sacks of coconut shells within the truck, so as to escape unnoticed.

According to the excise staff at the Goa border, two have been arrested, including the truck driver. The exact value of the liquor is however not known yet, but according to officials, it is anywhere between Rs 15-17 lakhs. 

It is however not yet clear as to which state the truck was leaving for, or to whom the consignment belonged. The documents produced by the truck driver were forged, and as such, investigations are currently on. 

This seizure comes just ten days after another consignment of liquor was seized at the same border check-post. 


The liquor seized then was entering the state, heading towards Maharashtra in the pretext of transporting defense personnel belongings to a Pune Navy base.     

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