The charred body of a young girl which was found near SFX ground in Siolim still remains the mystery as more than 48 hours have been passed but no complaint of missing has been registered anywhere in Goa and nobody came forward to claim the body of a deceased girl as yet. The Cops are unable to proceed further with the investigations unless they identify the deceased, said the sources.

The charred body of a young girl aged between 20 to 30 was found at Siolim on the road which proceeds towards the Anjuna. The entire body was burnt beyond recognition and some of her body parts were scattered around the place due to the existence of stray dogs in that locality. The body was first discovered by the person who was out for the morning walk. He saw the stray dog playing with the human body parts and immediately informed the police control room who later intimated the same to the Anjuna police.

When police reached the spot they saw the state of body which was completely charred beyond recognition. “Our first challenge is to identify the body. The post-mortem will be conducted on Saturday and it can throw more light on the case,” said the senior police officer. The area where the body was found is near a football ground. One leg, mangled by stray dogs, was found a few meters way from an old house, police said.


The North Goa SP Karthik Kashyap under whose guidance this case is being handled by the Anjuna police said that “The area beside serving as a clandestine meeting point for couples, is known for antisocial activities, including people gathering to drink liquor.” There is no missing complaint registered in any police station in North Goa, Kashyap said. “As per old missing reports in police stations in North Goa, the body does not match the description of any of the missing persons,” he said.

The police sources are speculating that the woman must have been murdered elsewhere and her body was brought to the spot later to burn. According to the police, the initial findings says that the woman could be in the 20-30 age group and of 160-165cm height. Police said the body has a ring on a toe and a finger and a gold chain around the neck. On the wrist is the remains of a sacred thread usually worn by Hindus and a bangle, and draped across the body is what is suspected to be remains of a dupatta.

The police are doing their job by getting all the required things together to reveal the identity of the deceased girl. According to the sources, the police had put the dog squad into the work and they also summoned the fingerprint experts and forensic doctors. “We have brought in a dog squad, fingerprint experts, and forensic doctors to examine the body,” Kashyap said.

Police inspector Sanjiv Dalvi and his team are investigating the case, while deputy inspector general of police Rupinder Kumar also visited the crime spot. Anjuna police conducted the panchanama and sent the body for post-mortem to Goa Medical College and Hospital. Police have registered an offense under Section 302 (murder) and Section 201 (destruction of evidence) of the Indian Penal Code against unidentified persons.

The crime rate is on rising in the state and these kinds of cases create for challenges before the police. The lack of DNA testing facility and modern forensic makes the job more difficult. In the above crime, there is a possibility of the deceased may not even belong to Goa and the body might have just disposed of by the criminals into this place to misguide the police investigations. Goa police may also need to contact the nearby states and get the information of missing people. Here again, the computerisation plays the vital role. If the police have an entire database of India connected to the main server finding the records of missing person report could become more easier. What is your opinion? please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this serious issue.    




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