Simona Bassi Jewellery


Simona Bassi’s original designs are inspired by nature and by art through the ages, thus a graceful fusion of antique and modern. The exquisite and one of a kind pieces of jewellery are made of precious and semi precious metals and stone, with a vision to bring together the past and the future to meet in the present, the ideal jewellery for the modern-day woman. The materials used are sourced from across the globe, and sometimes from as far as the inner jungles and remote villages of Asia. Simona’s designs feature everything from Diamonds, Emeralds, Agates, Rubies, Gold, Silver, Antique beads, Corals, Opals, Sapphires, Sugelite, Tourmalines, Lava, Shells, Meteorites, Mammoth tusks as well as Antique Handicrafts from across the globe. These beautiful works of art can be purchased from the boutique or from the kiosks at the Wednesday Flea Market in Anjuna and Saturday Night Market in Arpora. The boutique is open all year round but you need to take a prior appointment.

Simona Bassi’s mission is to create many more workshops. Work with the beautiful people of India and Nepal, in collaboration with a Foundation dedicated to help People, create spaces of exchange, teaching and learning. Sharing give to the people chance to work in good conditions, create spaces where the work is fair and nobody is abused, nobody over works and everybody is happy to be working.


Her unique creations feature all sort of nature’s gifts materials. Diamonds, Antique beads, Agates, Corals, Opals, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Sugelite, Tourmalines, Gold, Silver, Lava, Shells, Mammoth tusk, Meteorites as well as Antique Handicrafts from across the globe… from the Earth and the Sky, from the Past and Future, Handmade with LOVE and PASSION.


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