Sheena Bora Murder Case taking new twists and turns – Complete Report

Sheena Bora murder case appeared to be dying after the exit of Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria but media did not let it die so easily. There are more twists and turns coming in to this case with every day pass by. According to one of the recent news published in the national daily TOI it has been revealed that “More gory details are emerging in the sensational Sheena Bora murder case. Sheena had been blackmailing her mother Indrani Mukerjea and demanding a three-BHK flat in Bandra (W), and the police believe this could be one of the main reasons Indrani decided to bump her off”.

According to the statement given by Shyam Rai, the driver of Indrani Mukerjea, Sheena was strangulated by Indrani in the hired car in bylanes of Bandra, he said that Indrani was exceptionally violent while strangulating Sheena in car and she kept on shouting several times “Now take your three-BHK flat in Bandra”

It is to be recalled that Sheena was allegedly strangulated by Indrani, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamvar Rai in a rented car in the bylanes of Bandra on April 24, 2012. The body was disposed off in Raigad district the next day. Rai apparently gave all the statements to police in the hope of becoming an approver, here the term “approver” is used for the accomplice to a crime confesses the guilt and provides evidences to the police against others involved in an anticipation of getting lesser punishment.

The interrogations of major witnesses in Sheena Bora murder case had established the multiple motives behind the murder. The first motive established by the Mumbail police was the illicit relationship of Sheena Bora with her step brother Rahul Mukerjea who is the son of Peter Mukerjea from his first marriage and to which Indra was strongly opposing but Sheena did not care about that while the second motive is blackmailing of Indrani by Sheena, who was threatening to expose former’s secrets in front of Peter and demanded 3BHK flat in the return in Posh Bandra locality for maintaining the silence.


Another motive for the murder could be Peter’s assets. The police believe that Indrani was jealous and insecure that she could lose control over Peter’s assets if Sheena got married to Rahul. Indrani was already upset that Mikhail and Sheena often blackmailed her by threatening to expose her to Peter, and if Sheena married Rahul, she would end up ruling the Mukerjea household. Besides this there are other motives which have been established in the police investigation.

The police also strongly believe that when Sheena broke the news that she was getting married to Rahul, Indrani was very disturbed. On several occasions, she told Sheena to break off with Rahul as they were step-siblings, but Sheena did not pay heed and instead threatened Indrani that she would expose her lies to Peter. Sheena later got engaged with Rahul but Peter did not have any objection to the relationship.

There are other facts that had come out from the interrogation according to which Indrani Mukerjea was a highly dominating woman, according to her husband Peter Mukerjea Indrani used to dominate him on several occasions over the property issues. Indrani’s son Mikahil Bora had also corroborated the similar facts to the police. Considering that Indrani was aggressive and Peter was under her control then why would she have fear of threat given by Sheena of exposing her in front of Peter? This is the most important puzzle which police is yet to sort out.

In his interrogation in front of Khar police Peter had confessed that his wife is of dominating temperaments and she would often abuse him over the property issues. She used to always pressurize him to transfer the properties in her name after which Peter made her 50:50 partner in his property in New Delhi, Duplex in Worli and Properties in London. According to the Khar police this was the last interrogation of Peter Mukerjea at Khar police station.

According to the sources although the Maria had already handed over the charges to new police commissioner Ahmad Javed but the confusion is still prevailing as Maria had been given the back the charges of Sheena Bora case but he has not yet given his consent over it. The Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnvis, who relieved Maria from the post of commissioner, is back from his Japan trip and he only will make the picture clear.

Sheena Bora’s bother Mikhail Bora is also of the opinion that Rakesh Maria was doing the better job in this case and now he hopes that the same would be done by the Mumbai police “Maria has been transferred. He was doing a fantastic job. Media said it was a routine transfer. I believe Mumbai police will continue to do a good job and crack the case soon so that Sheena gets justice.” He said.

The mystery still surrounds over the anonymous caller which set the ball rolling in Sheena Bora murder case. Who was that caller and how he came to know about the Sheena’s murder? According to reports the caller was the Mererut based business person whose wife is suppose to be a very good friend of Sheena Bora. The friends close to Sheena have also refuted the theories which claim that the call came from one of the socialite friend of Peter and Indrani Mukerjea. According to the news published in one of the national daily “Sheena’s friends, the couple was worried when she stopped communicating suddenly. The couple even went to Indrani later to find out Sheena’s whereabouts. Indrani had reportedly threatened them, after which they left. They also spoke to Rahul Mukerjea, who did not actively pursue the case after Indrani told the cops that he was stalking Sheena”.

The statement given by the couple, they kept quite good measure and as a last measure they went to police with the information of disappearance of Sheena Bora. The husband called the police and narrated the story which explained how good they knew Sheena.  The Sheena’s friend also told the police that Sheena was very happy initially when she was brought to Mumbai by her mother, she was provided with all the facilities “Her mother gave her a very comfortable life; a car was always at her disposal, and she would often meet Bollywood stars,” he says. “But when she became financially independent, Sheena realized that she needed legitimacy and not the money. Perhaps, that is the reason she is no more.”  They added.

These twists and turns in Sheena Bora will only help to make it stronger against the accused. Although it is not the hidden fact that accused will try their level best to escape the clutch of law but police media and police is making sure that culprits do not manage to get away easily in this case. In India power and money can turn any game upside down but the media and police do not allow this to happen so easily. There are hundreds of instances which have proved it. Sheena will get justice. Please do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Various Sources

Edited by: Goa Prism News Desk

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