Sheena Bora Murder Case takes new turn, Recreation of the crime scene

Recreation of Crime Scene Image Courtesy : India Today

When the investigation on Sheena Bora case began it appeared that the driver is a prime accused in this crime but as the story started unfolding more suspects started coming into the picture and finally the needle of suspicion had pointed towards Indrani and Khanna making them the prime accused and the mastermind of this sensational murder mystery. Police immediately arrested both of them and interrogation began under the supervision of Commissioner of police Mumbai Rakesh Maria.

Now the interrogation took another interesting turn with all three accused started blaming each other for the murder of Sheena Bora. Police is suspecting that this could be the tricks played by the accused to slip out of this murder case taking the support of legal technicalities, but Mumbai police making sure that no criminal manage to escape from the trap of bylaw.

Both Indrani and Khanna have been grilled by the Mumbai police and they found out that both are giving evasive replies during their interrogation. According to the available information from Khar police station Indrani’s son Mikhail Bora was questioned by the police at a Hotel in Bandra. They are trying to probe into the claim Mikhail made saying that just hours before Indrani and Sanjeev met Sheena on April 24, 2012 and took her for what would be the last drive of her life, Indrani had also allegedly drugged him. By the time they came back, he had managed to flee from there.

Meanwhile police have also managed to trace the car used in the crime “We have traced the car. The car had changed many hands in three years and we are yet to recover it,” said a senior police official. But in spite of tracing the car used in the crime the lapses by Raigad police in not registering a case of murder or accidental death three years back when a partially-burnt body, believed to be hers, was found and hence the cops have decided to recreate the crime scene  they will be taking the three arrested accused to Raigad district to recreate the crime scene. The police also sought call data records of the three accused. The entire investigation is based on the forensic examination of the skeletal remains which were found in Pen District of Raigad. This is done to cover up all the lapses done in the past by the police by not registering the case when they first found the body of Sheena Bora on May 23rd 2012.


According to the sources The Raigad police has shown high amount of negligence in this case, when they found the burnt body of Sheena Bora in 2012 “Neither a crime, nor a report of accidental death was registered when Raigad police sent recovered skeletal remains to JJ hospital (in Mumbai) in 2012, I have been ordered to probe all the wrongs or lapses that were committed,” Raigad’s current superintendent of police Suvez Haque told the media. “We have given a factual report to our seniors. Inspector general of police (Konkan Range) on Saturday ordered an inquiry. We will complete it at the earliest and produce our report,” he added.

The Recreation of Crime Scene

Following the investigation lapses in the present case which was reported in year 2012 when the burnt body of Sheena Bora was recovered by Raigad police, the Mumbai police (in order to gather the evidences to file the charge sheet in Sheena murder case) have decided to recreate crime scene and accordingly all three accused, Indrani Mukerjea, her ex husband Sanjiv Khanna and the Driver Shyam Rai was taken to Raigad.  Here is the graphic example of recreation of crime scene by India Today 

Meanwhile in another revelation police officials of Raigad district have informed the Mumbai police that when they had first spotted the burnt body in 2012 it was just a skeleton with no flesh. “It was all skeleton. There was no flesh. The local government doctor took it for post mortem, after which it was buried,” policeman Patil Ganesh Dhene of Hetevne village said. When asked how he came across the skeletal remains, the official said “I had gone to collect mangoes. The body was not in a suitcase. The surrounding area was burnt.”

Source: PTI

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