Mikhail Bora (in black Tee)

Sheena Bora murder case investigation bringing many skeletons out of the closet. Every day new stories are getting exposed into the media. Sheena Bora was murdered by her Mother Indrani Mukerjea along with Driver Shyam Rai and ex husband Sanjiv Khanna on 24th April 2012 and the body of her was later disposed off at Raigad Ghat in Maharashtra. Indrani’s driver spilled out the truth in front of police during the investigation on 21st August 2015. Mikhail Bora, brother of Sheena and son of Indrani has brought another shocking truth in front of Mumbai police. He said that his mother “Indrani” wanted to kill him along with Sheena but he managed to escape from her clutches.

According to the statement given by Mikhail Bora to Mumbai police on Friday “My mother also tried to kill me”, he said “She tried to kill me on that day, April 24, 2012 along with Sheena, She called me to her residence in Mumbai and gave me drink with some sedatives mixed into it but I could manage to escape from there or else I could have also been killed that day” He added.

Michail who was brought by Mumbai police from his residence in Guwahati on Friday confessed in front of Mumbai police his version of story, he been kept telling the media all the while that he has lot of material evidences against his mother Indrani Mukerjea. He also disclosed that when his mother Indrani called him to her flat in Marlow building in Worli at that time her husband Peter Mukerjea was not in town as he was holidaying abroad.

The statement of Mikhail will help police to investigate this case from different angles as the earlier story narrated by the Indrani establishes the angle of love affair of Sheena Bora and Rahul Mukerjea but attempt to kill Mikhail isolates the love affair angle completely. Police will now try to find out as why Indrani wanted to kill both her children. With this more truth will get surfaced. We will keep our follow-up on this story and try to bring more information on this one of most talked about high profile murder mystery. Keep watching this space for more details.

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