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Sheena Bora

Sheena Bora murder case is taking news twists and turns every day with new revelations are coming up in media making it more mysterious. Indrani Mukerjea who is in police lockup in at the moment has revealed some shocking facts in front of the police investigation officers. According to the news published by the Catch News one of the premier news channel, the Mumbai Police sources have claimed that during interrogation Indrani Mukerjea gave some shocking details about her childhood. “Indrani Mukerjea had a disturbed childhood. Her father, reportedly Upendra Kumar Bora, sexually abused her when she was a kid and Sheena may possibly have born out of a physical relationship between Indrani and her father” Catch News quoted a highly reliable source in Mumbai Police. Some reports also claim that Indrani Mukerjea was not the biological daughter of Upendra Kumar Bora. However, Indrani was close to her mother Durga Rani Bora whom she visited very rarely.

Peter Mukerjea, the former CEO of Star TV and husband of Indrani Mukerjea is firm on his earlier statement in which he claimed that Indrani had introduced Sheena as her sister. Even the birth certificate issued in Guwahati in the name of Sheena Bora mentions Upen and Durga as her father and mother, who happens to be Indrani’s parents as well.

It has to be recalled that the high profile case into the limelight when Indrani’s driver confessed in front of the police that Indrani and Khanna (Indrani’s Ex-Husband) had murdered Sheena Bora in the car. Sheena Bora who was working for Reliance Mumbai Metro had disappeared in 2012 and her Facebook account was also deactivated during that period, claimed the police sources. According to the Mumbai Police commissioner Rakesh Maria, “The victim was strangulated to death and her body set afire after pouring petrol. The murder took place on 24 April, 2012 and the body was found by Raigad police on May 23. Police had discovered remains of a decomposed body three years ago after villagers at Gagode in Pen tehsil complained of foul odour emanating from the area.

According to the sources, Indrani Mukerjea who is in police lockup, broke down into tears after the police told her that they have found out that the call history records of all accused cell location and it shows the same location that of Sheena Bora on the day of the murder. So far police have arrested three accused including Indrani Mukerjea, the remaining two are Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjiv Khanna and her driver Shyam Rai.


Police investigation has revealed that on April 24th 2012 Indrani made a call to Rahul from her cell phone which shows that location of other two accused, the driver and ex-husband were in the same location in Bandra West. In next four hours the locations of all the mobiles were moving around in different locations but together. The next day all the mobile location moved out of Mumbai Circle and entered into Maharashtra and Goa circle at this time the new location was Raigad district around 125KM from Mumbai. The confession made by the driver matches with the call history records of all accused.

The True Story of Sheena Murder Case

The three accused, Indrani Mukerjea, Sanjiv Khanna & driver Shyamvar Rai  picked up Sheena that fateful day three years ago, strangled her in the car and dumped her body in a bag in the Raigad forests the next day. They also partially burnt the bag and the adjoining area. The Pen police had found her body a month later but disposed it without keeping records or even registering a murder case. Though they sent a sample of her DNA to Mumbai, they “forgot” to collect the result. This is why it took the Mumbai police, which had to largely rely on confessions, so long to join the dots. Whether the Pen police’s lackadaisical attitude will hamper investigations and possible outcome of the case, only time will tell.

The story started when the top cop received an anonymous call about three months back informing him that Sheena Bora is missing for the past three years (from 2012), commissioner Maria immediately alerted the PI of Khar police station to look into the matter and investigate the facts. The investigation started silently, PI Kadam smelt a rat in this case and turned his radar of suspicion on Indrani. To avoid scaring her into the hiding the police kept watch on her from out without her knowledge. At that time the Indrani was out of India and police were worried that she may not return to India if she gets little idea of the investigation, meanwhile cop also kept      her driver into the range of their radar and waited for Indrani’s return.

After getting the news of Indrani’s return to Mumbai last week police swung into the action and they caught hold of the driver on 21st in connection with illegal arms case and when they interrogated him about Sheena whereabouts he confessed everything and revealed the names of co accused including Indrani Mukerjea as mastermind behind this murder and Sanjiv Khanna (Indrani’s Ex-husband) accordingly police picked up Indrani on 25th August from her residence and she had been taken to Khar police station and Maria personally interrogated her.

Initially just like any other criminal she denied the charges and refused to admit anything but when driver was brought in front of her to recount his testimony she confessed everything.  She substantiated the driver’s version of story and verified that her ex husband was the part of this murder plan, police immediately picked up Khanna from Kolkatta and put him under arrest.

Though apparently all the accused of the Sheena Bora murder case are behind the bar at the moment but still the motive behind the murder is not yet cleared. With the time more accused may be put behind the bars in this case. Perhaps by then the actual motive behind this murder will come out. Please keep watching this portal for the latest updates on this India’s one of the biggest high profile murder mystery.

Source: Various Sources

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