Our Shack


Our Shack is a fun place to fill all your beachside needs, located on the shores of Little Vagator beach. As an elaborate beach shack, the property includes a bar, lounge area, dancefloor, sunbeda on the beach, a restaurant and hillside lodges. From sunsets to party nights and lazy beach days to dinner by the sea, this place aims to fulfil their patrons’ needs. Walk down the designated path, at night outlined by orange lights, the signature colour of Our Shack and onto the beach. Here, built on the coastline and extending up the hillface is the place where people go that are looking for a fun day of kicking back and later to get together with friends and enjoy the Goa party scene. Built over different levels, Our Shack offers beautiful views over all of Vagator and of Chapora Fort, where the horizon extends as far as across to Morjim Beach.

On the beach and directly in front of Our Shack is the famous Shiva face stone carving. There is also a beach area reserved for patrons, with sparasols, easily identifiable by the orange and white colours. What started off as a simple beach shack has extended to a restaurant, bar, accommodation and party venue. There is even a local run shop at the side of the place, where bare beach essentials can be purchased. As indicated by its name, Our Shack was born out of an idea to bring people together and hang out and its little details like the owner’s dog, Isis, walking around the place and so relaxed, that make people feel at home. For fans of yoga, Live Happy! conduct sessions every Sunday morning next door at the ashram. Our Shack is expanding; coming soon is the spa, outdoor exercise area and indoor see-through nightclub.


Our Shack is run by Isaiah. When it originally opened in 2011, and solely owned by Isaiah, it was a humble and small shack like the others that can be found of Little Vagator beach. Since then, his grand visions became reality and over the monsoon months of 2012, the team developed and built up the shack into two levels with the restaurant, bar, upper level dining and VIP areas and the lodges. Born and raised in Bombay, Isaiah is of British-Indian descent and is an actor in the recognised Bollywood films. He first came to Goa in 1997 and following this visit, he would found himself drawn to return to the beachside state and would stay for two to three months at a time. Having spent long periods of time here and, in keeping with the area of the family business of restaurants and spa that he grew up knowing, he wanted to open an establishment in the hospitality sector. In a secluded area of the Vagator beach, he saw lots of potential in opening a place for people to come together to relax and have fun. From a simple beach shack, Our Shack has developed into a three storey interpretation of Isaiah’s view of a ship.


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