The Off-Season Blast Goa 2014

Off Season Blast the most awaited event of the year 2 days open air music festival taking place in Goa on 17th & 18th of August 2014 at The Sky Club, Morjim Goa. The event will feature 26 international Artists, the dance floor spread over 10000 square meter area having separate chill out zone. This event is the property of MCA (Music Culture & Arts, Mumbai). Music, Culture & Arts is a 4 years old, Mumbai based event company which organizes specialized events such as Live shows, Brand Activation, Brand Launches, Theme based Weddings, Birthday events, Outdoor Advertising, Conferences & Dealers Meet, Corporate Tie-ups, etc. They manage events across the globe. MCA team focuses on dedicating quality and excellence. Our systematic method of managing events helps your brand to achieve and deliver results that exceeds all expectations. We ensure cost-effective service, accountability and flexibility in all your requirements. The Off season event is regular feature of MCA in Goa and they pulling the crowd of around 5000 to 10000 people from all over India and abroad. The crowd consists of people from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad.


Off Season is gathering of Indians celebrating freedom. Goa – A forever enchantment. Where time moves to different clock from the rest of the world. Where the past is a mirror to a gilded present, where the confluence of cultures meets and flow together in a single rapturous stream, where the earth is at peace with itself and all those who walk that magical land called Goa. The main idea of the festival is to create a mystic space on the beautiful land of Goa in rains, with love, harmony, spirituality and creativity appearing in every particle and vibration, turning into the flow of primitive energy. The festival is aimed at uniting spiritually close people and reminding them of their important role in keeping ecological and spiritual balance on the planet as well as at fulfilling surrounding with love and joy vibrations, enabling our guests to feel the necessity of living in unity and harmony with the world around us. Music, dancing and creativity are the unique key to self-cognition and unity with the Universe and all its inhabitants. Expressions of creativity are as manifold and unique as we ourselves, so we definitely encourage the participation of each and every one of you – to experience, to collaborate and share

Everyone on the MCA Team rallies behind the event. But to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, one dedicated person answers directly to you. Your phone calls get answered. Your emails are replied to promptly. Your input is embraced. Their clients see MCA as more than a production and event planning company that creates designs and delivers powerful productions. They see us as a true partner. Goa Prism is the Magazine Partner for the festival.


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