Schools Reopening in Goa From 21st November But No Sanitisation Grants Issued To Them As Yet

Schools Reopning in Goa
The Sanitisation Work Underway In the Classrooms

The School Reopening is happening in Goa from tomorrow, 21st November, the repercussions of the same may surface soon as the students in most of the states have suffered the infection of Covid after resuming the physical classes in the schools, meanwhile, the state government has not issued the sanitisation grants to the schools at yet.

After their closure due to the pandemic, schools are set to resume from 21st November. Secondary and Higher Secondary schools have started sanitisation of their premises as they prepare for physical classes for SSC and HSSC students, 5 months after the start of the academic year 2020-2021. 

All of this is carried out by the schools despite not having been given separate grants for sanitisation. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been given by the state government for the partial reopening of the schools in the state.

According to the reports published by the local daily The Navhind Times, the Department of Education has already directed the zonal educational offices to inspect the schools as regards the sanitisation exercise taken up by them. 

“We intend to inspect all schools during the first week of reopening of classes itself,” the sources stated, pointing out that the schools will have to strictly follow the SOPs. 

Schools have already been provided with maintenance grants and thus no separate grants will be given for sanitisation of the school premises, stated the report.  Since there has been a routine and continual cleaning of the premises, they observed that it wouldn’t be a difficult task to sanitise it as well. 


The schools have started sanitisation from the already given maintenance grants for now. President of the Higher Secondary School Teachers Association Anant Pissurlekar stated that the government is yet to release sanitisation grants to the schools. 

“If a school has minimum number of SSC or HSSC students then it could require an amount ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 800 for sanitisation of its premises, every day,” he added, pointing out that if the number of students in a school is on the higher side then this amount may go up from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200.

“Once the schools start feeling the financial crunch, this sanitisation exercise will naturally stop,” he maintained, as the schools will continue the sanitisation until they can, without further grants. He added that the obstacles and practical difficulties of each school would only be found out once they begin and as students arrive.

As per issued SOPs, the state government demands that there shouldn’t be more than 12 students in a class, at a time. They also spoke and suggested the odd-even formula for the SSC and HSSC classes. In addition to this, the laboratories, common utility areas (washrooms, toilets, lockers etc) have to be disinfected as well. Daily cleaning of floors, soaps in toilets, sanitisers in all common areas should be available in required quantity for all so as to maintain hygiene and sanitisation of the school. 

With schools beginning tomorrow, one has to wait and watch how far the SOPs will be followed, how safe the entire process is and for how long the funds will be sufficient for the schools for sanitisations.  Even as the children go to school, remind them to maintain social distancing, to wear their masks continually and to carry sanitisers for personal use. 

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