Schools Have Reopened Partially in Goa; Waiting For The Written Consent From Parents

Schools Have Reopened Partially in Goa
Schools Reopening (Representational Image - Source : PTI)

The schools in Goa have reopened partially today, they might push for starting on Monday as the written consent from parents are yet still in process. Schools had been granted permission to reopen today by the Education Department but most schools and institutions have opted to begin to Monday. 

The secondary and higher secondary schools are only allowed to call the classes of X and XII for physical lectures, as per the permission issued by the DoE earlier this month.

Many schools The Goan contacted however said they are preparing to begin from Monday next. As of now, written consents, both in physical and digital, are being collected by the schools from parents and guardians so that they can avoid hassles, if any, later. 

As per the issued standard operating procedures (SOPS) by the government with respect to the partial reopening of schools, the institution must ensure that there are only 12 students in a class room, of course maintain distance. The idea of using the odd-even roll numbers formula has also been given by the government. 

In the entire obviousness of the situation, the sanitisation of classrooms, the furniture is required. Use of face masks, sanitisers are compulsory for everybody while the school will also provide adequate supply of sanitisers in the common areas. Physical distance has to be maintained at all times. 

In order to ensure safety and complete adherence to the issued SOPs Physical education (PE) has been omitted while every person, students, school authorities, teachers, parents, visitors, care takers, will have their body temperature checked with the use of thermal scanners. 

With respect to the earlier placed scheme of mid-day meals, for Std I-VIII, at government and government aided schools, they will now be given packets of dry ration (moong, jiggery, soya bean oil) instead for a period of 100 days. This will be carried out by the Goa Sahakar Bhandar, Panaji. 

Depending on the school strength cooks-cum-helpers will also be assigned within 12 days to distribute the items. 

Even as reopening was set for today and now pushed to Monday, concerns continue over the entire safety of this endeavour. People are questioning the how necessary it actually is to start the schools even as online education is already in place. Of course the need for use of laboratories for practicals is seen and understood, but some are asking for a way to conduct those online too, if it is possible to avoid physical attendance. 

Thus we see the need of why schools are asking for written consent from the parents before they even begin. How many parents will actually agree to this is yet to be seen. Keeping in mind the SOPs, how far and how long the schools will diligently follow them is to be seen. Apart from this, even the students and parents hold responsibility of following the rules set in place by authorities to help reduce the risks of infections. 

Of course as students they will want to mingle around with their friends but this should be highly avoided. Each individual will have to consciously make efforts to adhere to given rules and to adjust to the new norms of schooling. 

(With Inputs from The Goan)

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