School Bus Accident in Curchorem, 17 Students Injured as The Bus Turned After The Failure in Braking System

Despite several cases of accidents in the state, the school buses carrying the students on the road are not being checked by the concerned authorities for their fitness and in the absence of the same, more road accidents are occurring. According to the sources, the bus carrying 25 school children has been turned one one side after the failure in the braking system at Xelvona in Curchorem. Around 17 students out of the 25 had been injured in this accident, said the sources.

According to sources, a private bus run by a mining company to transport the local students to the school and back home was proceeding from Curchorem to Xelvona carrying 25 students to drop them home after the classes. On reaching Xelvona, the driver noticed that the brakes had failed and to stop the vehicle, he tried to hit the bus to the edge of the hill from the left-hand side but unfortunately, it overturned on the road after hitting the hill.

The driver of the bus told the media that, the moment he realised the breaks have been failed he raised an alarm and told the students to be prepared for the crash and while trying to make sure the bus does not get too severe accident he tried to take on the side of the road where it  got turned on the one side. According to the driver of the bus, there were no serious injuries.

Health Officer Dr. aMohanrao Desai informed that thirteen students were discharged after administrating them first aid, while four students Gauravi Desai, Chirag Desai, Megashyam Desai and Fiya Fernandes were later shifted to Hospicio Hospital, Margao. Meanwhile, people who had gathered at the PHC agitated over power failure as there was no provision like the generator and also non-availability of specialized doctors in the PHC to deal with such a situation. Curchorem PI Shivram Vaigaonkar and PSI Veronica Coutinho were also present at the hospital in Curchorem.                      

The onlooker told the media that out of 17 students 4 have been seriously injured and they have been admitted into the Hospiceo Hospital and remaining have been given the first aid and discovered. The sources have said that the accident could have been fatal if the bus had to fall on the other vehicles but with the grace of god nothing such have happened.


This is not the first time wherein the bus carrying the student have been met with an accident. There are dozens of cases but no authority seems to have to take any cognisance of the same, said the sources. It may be recalled that in the month of December last year, another school bus had met with an accident wherein around 65 students had been injured. The accident had taken place in Curchorem while the bus was carrying students to Salaulim Dam situated in Sanguem Goa. The school picnic bus of belonged to St. Anne School – Thivim and it was on its way to Curchorem along with 65 students and few teachers when the accident took place. But while it reached Xelvona slope in Curchorem one of the tires of the bus suddenly got raptured and the bus turned turtle on the slope.

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According to the sources, both the accidents took place due to the low maintenance of the vehicles and both are the clear case of negligence on the part of the bus driver and school management. If you have any suggestions to stop these please do share with us here in your comments as that will help in improving the existing system.


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