Samata Holistic Retreat Center


Goa’s most gorgeous yoga retreat center. Tucked in the lush palm tree jungle away from partying tourists, nothing here is reminiscent of the nightly parties for which Goa is famous. And yet the vibrant beaches are only a few minutes drive away, where sunset drumming sessions and colorful Indian stalls await. The magic here emanates from the fusion of Balinese teak architecture, Goan landscapes of ricefields and coconut groves and international cuisine. Samata Holistic Retreat Center is the primary fundraising Center for The Dunagiri Foundation for Himalayan Herbal Research and Yogic Studies. Samata is a Sanskrit word which translates as …. balance or equilibrium…. and it is our aim to be an oasis of these ideals, that we may faciliatate more balance in the lives of everyone who passes through here. Samata Holistic Retreat Center welcomes and can facilitate any type of retreat such as Yoga, Dance, Meditation, or any other Healing Modality. The season for Retreats in Goa can start as early as October and continue until the end of April. The rest of the year is the monsoon season in South India, and is unsuitable for a pleasurable climate.

Samata operates by hosting Teachers who bring their groups. Please refer to Booking Information to help you decide which time of the year will suit you the most in regards to your schedule. And don’t forget to check out the services we provide at the Wellness Center to enhance the experience of your retreat.  Samata is split up between 3 properties that are all within 5 to 10 minutes walk of each other.  In this way, we have been able to integrate ourselves into the surrounding village and community, and it allows us to create unique atmospheres in each property to serve a specific purpose.


[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]The 3 Properties are:[/su_highlight]

[su_frame]Tamarind Tree : At Tamarind Tree you will find our main Reception, Boutique, Dunagiri Foundation office, Tamarind Cafe, and Matsya Freestyle Kitchen, our Iyengar equipped Yoga Shala, swimming pool, and our Children’s Learning Cooperative. Mango Tree : At Mango Tree, there are 20 rooms to accommodate up to 40 people for privately booked retreats from teachers who bring their groups from overseas. Here, there is a beautiful workshop space of 12 x 12 meters, swimming pool, organic vegetable garden, and the shade from our giant Mango Tree. Cashew Tree  :  Cashew Tree is our 3rd property, and will be  a complete Center in itself. There is a beautiful yoga space there of 10 x 10 meters, and we are in the process of setting this space up as a Yoga for those teachers and students who are looking to do a retreat on a tighter budget.[/su_frame]

When you book a Retreat at Samata, you will have the ability to customize your menu based on dietary needs and retreat schedule. We will uphold the highest standards of hygiene in our beautiful open air kitchens, using fresh organic ingredients from our Organic Garden and other sources.


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