Salman Hit & Run Case – Bombay HC Grants Bail Suspending Sentence

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Today was the last day of the interim bail given to Salman Khan by Bombay high court and he was asked to surrender by the court before 3pm. Salman left his residence at around 12pm to appear before the court to surrender as per the court guidelines, he was accompanied by the compel of Lawyers to the court in Mumbai. Everyone was praying for the release of Salman Khan and the prayers were heard, Salman was granted the bail by the Bombay High Court suspending the 5 years Sentence awarded to him by the sessions court in 2002 hit-and-run case.

Based the news appeared in the Zee News online portal “the Bombay High Court today suspended the five-year sentence awarded to him in the 2002 hit-and-run case, admitted his appeal against conviction and granted him bail.” The high court admitted the appeal filed by the 49-year old actor saying it will expedite the hearing on the matter giving the date on June 15.  “The normal rule is that when an appeal is admitted and the sentence is under seven years, it is suspended. Why prosecution wants to depart from this norm?” the court said. “This is not a case where I should keep him (Khan) in jail till his appeal is heard and decided. Why his right should suffer when his appeal is admitted and kept pending? In many cases people have suffered and spent their entire prison term only to be acquitted later by the High Court,” observed Justice Thipsay.


[pullquote-right]Justice Abhay Thipsay directed Khan to surrender before the trial court immediately before the expiry of the interim bail granted by the court and execute a fresh bail bond of Rs 30,000[/pullquote-right]

Justice Thipsay is aware of the fact that Khan has been on    bail throughout the trial period despite of serious charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder “There are a number of arguable points raised about whether or not Khan was driving the car. It is also nobody’s case that Khan will abscond if he released on bail, pending appeal,” he said. While issuing the bail Justice Thipsay directed Salman to take the permission of court before leaving abroad.

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