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Death cases due to drug overdose are on the rise in the various parts of India. In fact, most of the time Goa is being targeted for the death due drug overdose but, this time, its Amchi Mumbai. According to the report published by the Mid-Day, a 21-year-old film artist died due to drug consumption.

According to the report published by the Mid-Day on Wednesday 10th February, Ruksar Khan, a 21-year-old film actress was found lying motionless on Saturday evening after a night out party with drugs. The report says that she was partying hard with three of her friends who narrated the story to the police. According to their story, they had mixed the Ecstasy in their energy drink, but police suspect it’s the drug overdose while the family is crying of involvement of foul play claiming it could have been date rape.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Ruksar Khan according to the reports is a small time actress staying in Govandi, a suburb of Mumbai. She was into small time acting assignments and also been taking parts into the private events and functions occasionally. This incident took place on the intervening nights of Friday and Saturday when Ruksar and her three friends, Payal Banjara, Tauhid Ahmad and Sameer went on party spree at the Payal’s rented apartment in MHADA complex situated at Kandivali.

The report claims that all three friends were also working in the entertainment industry, Payal is an event organizer, Tauhid is assistant makeup artist while Sameer is a camera technician. According to the story narrated by Payal to the Mumbai Police, she handed over the keys of her flat to Tauhid who met her at Andheri Station while she was apparently busy with her work.

Payal arrived at her apartment at around 2 am with the few cans of the Red Bull energy drinks while according to her there were few more cans which were already there at her place. The statement given by the rest of the revelers admitted the mixing of packets of the drugs called MD (popularly known as Ecstasy) in cans.

The group of four partied till late night and then went to the bed at around 10 am on a Saturday morning. Subsequently, Tauhid and Sameer left for their respective places. According to the statement given by Payal, she had developed severe stomach upset in the Saturday morning and she went to a clinic in Jogeshwari. She did not disturb Ruksar assuming that she is fast asleep.

The report further says that she (Payal) called up Ruksar and after discovering that Ruksar is not answering her calls, she called Tauhid and asked him to go and check on Ruksar. When Tauhid reportedly arrived at the Payal’s house he found that Ruksar is lying down motionless. He immediately called the police control room and 108 emergency services. When the police and doctors arrived at the house of Payal they found Ruksar dead.

The Charkop police informed that the body of Ruksar was immediately shifted to Shatabdi Hospital for the post mortem. The cops took the statements of Tauhid and Payal but according to the reports Sameer was absconding from the scene. The police immediately informed the incident to Ruksar’s family who cried the existence of foul play behind the death of Ruksar.

Meanwhile, the Police have claimed that the death occurred due to the drug overdose. “Prima facie it looks to be a death due to the drug overdose. We are taking the statements of decease’s friends and accordingly we may file FIR,” said the investigating officer. The police have recovered several things from the house of Payal that includes the cans of Red Bull and few used and unused packets of MD, which is sent for the lad analysis.

Meanwhile, the Ruksar’s family is not ready accepting the claims of police about the death theory due to the drug overdose. They feel it is a murder. “We do not have the faith in the police theory. We do not accept that Ruksar was a drug addict. We feel that the boys must have forced her to consume the drugs and that she was invited with the intention of rape,” said the uncle of Ruksar, Noor Siddique.

The mother of Ruksar, Anjum has claimed that police came to know about the incident much earlier but they informed to her on Sunday. “The cops were aware of the incident on Saturday itself but they delayed the process of informing us about the same. We came to know about it on the early morning of Sunday,” narrated her mother.

According to the police reports, Payal and Tauhid were changing their statements constantly; police have found the discrepancies in their statements. According to the reports her uncle claimed that when the body of Ruksar was found, her clothes were changed. He also claimed that when he went to the party venue, the whole house looked like it had been ransacked. The family of Ruksar has apparently demanded the probe into this matter from the higher authorities.

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