Rome Douglas: The Star of Bowls

It is a dream for every football player in the US to be able to play in the NFL, and Rome Italo Douglas was no exception. Rome Douglas was a gifted football player, identified right from his school days at Claremont High School, California. Big Rome, as he was also known, owing to his immense 6’7” frame, was christened a high school All-American in football at a very early age.

Later, as a student at the University of Southern California on a football scholarship, Rome continued to represent the University and played in all earlier forms of ‘Bowls’ prevalent. He was soon an incumbent member of the USC Trojans, representing his university in Bowls and winning them. Rome played in the prestigious Cotton Bowl in Dallas in 1995 and was a part of the team that won the 1995 Pacific 10, a collegiate athletic conference of 10-member universities in the US.

Rome played the Rose Bowl in California in 1996, also representing the USC Trojans followed by an appearance in the 1998 Sun Bowl in Texas. Not many football players can claim participation in these prestigious tournaments right from their university days. But Rome Douglas’s stint with football did not stop at the college level.

Douglas was a regular face in subsequent NFL seasons, playing for Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants and St. Louis Rams. He continued to represent his teams at most NFLs. Rome Douglas was also part of the NFL Europe World Bowl held in Amsterdam in 2000. In fact, he has participated not just in the World Bowl.  Having successfully played in the World Bowls and NFL, Rome Douglas is now planning to take on football commentary. Given his passion and knowledge of the game acquired after several years of playing it, Rome is sure to make a mark as prominent as his stature through his game.


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